October 24, 2017

I'd Rather Not


Prep coffee for the morning.

Wipe down baseboards.

Be cold. Ever. Unless it's Christmas Eve/Day, then bring the snow.

Rise up and engage in meaningless drama.

Fly on an airplane.

Answer the phone when my boss is in the office.

Answer the phone at the office period.

Clean out the refrigerator.

Deal with traffic because there are two raindrops falling from the sky.

Get out of bed when it's cold outside.

Wear shoes. Or a coat. And gloves. But mainly, shoes. I love sock feet or just flips.

Wake up with a hangover.

Listen to whining for the sake of people wanting to whine. Kids and adults included.

Hang out with bugs or snakes. NOPE!

What are the things in life you'd rather not?!


  1. i'd rather not iron, fold laundry or deal with drama. aint nobody got time for those things.

  2. Girllll I will co-sign your feelings on being cold. Every year I laugh at everyone who's all "Bring on fall!" then next thing you know they're complaining about the cold. I moved to Florida to be warm, and peace out to old man winter. And drama... ugh who has time for that? I just move on <3

  3. Would rather not be cold, wear shoes, get out of bed on rainy days, do laundry.

  4. Yes to answering the phone at work! I wish people would always email. :)

  5. Yes to not waking up to a hangover or being cold. I hate being cold. I also hate cleaning out the fridge. Ugh. So many things we share that I dislike as well.

  6. Too funny. I think my list would be REALLY long, lol!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  7. Aww you'd rather not fly? I get it but it still makes me sad to hear it.

    Hangovers are really overated at my age now. Love my drinks, hate hangovers.

  8. Totally wish you on the rather not wanting to clean out the refrigerator, it’s on my to do list today (along with the pantry) and I’m making every excuse to not get to it!

  9. Currently, I would rather not have the stomach flu. In general, getting out of bed when it is raining!

  10. Wiping down baseboards is the worst! Right now I would rather not deal with obnoxious people!

  11. Yes to all of the above. I'd rather not clean the bathrooms!

  12. All of the above, minus flying. I would rather not have to fold & hang up clothes.

  13. Bugs, snakes, being cold and office phones are a big bag of NOPE for me. Also on the list today (since it's October 28), read another essay about how one community service event changed a kid's life (but they did nothing with that knowledge) and hear someone complain about having to write recs for really good kids are also on my NOPE list right now. lol


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