October 30, 2017

I Could Tell You About My Weekend...

Morning, friends. Welcome to another week, what what!?!? I hope you had a wonderful weekend, mine was pretty darn awesome. And I could tell you alllll about it. 

I could tell you about...

...the four plus hour drive, starting with 70 degrees and sunny and ending in the rainy 40s.

...the instagram story I wanted to post but didn't have time because we were late.

...the cold cold rain at a cousin's football game.

...hating the cold rain but it's what you do for family.

...chaparoning another cousin in an uber to go meet family at a bar during halftime.

... a three week old baby in a bar and all the snuggles.

... lazy Saturday morning recovering from the cold.

... sushi lunches and being overdressed for the cold.

... the awesome OHIO STATE win after a terrible beginning. #GOBUCKS

... yummy lasagna dinner and delicious chocolate cake dessert.

... sleeping in Sunday morning and getting a phone call from our four year old nephew.

... toy store perusing while playing with the nine month old baby.

... errand runs before an early dinner.

... one last family function before we hit the road back home. 

... missing the big back up because we left later than planned, phew.

... a whirlwind of getting ready for the week before bedtime. 

I could tell you everything above and so much more, but I won't. Instead, I'm gonna brag about these three lil boys. They are the sweetest, snuggliest, most fabulous nephews in the world and they make my heart so happy. Being a mom is on my to be list, not right now but hopefully soon, and every visit with these muffins makes me realize how worth it motherhood must be at the end of the day. They wear me out, they test me, but they love me and I love them and I'm so thankful we are closer so visits are much more often. 

Love you boys, thanks for being so fabulous. And cute!


  1. family time is awesome! lazy saturdays are the best; we had a fantastic lazy sunday and it was amazing.

  2. They are adorable!

    Glad you missed the traffic too.

  3. Your nephews are precious! Sounds like a very wonderful weekend!

  4. Oh my they are adorable!!!! Sounds like a great weekend my friend!

  5. What a handsome threesome they are! Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!

  6. So much family time! Its amazing.

  7. Yay for family time! Your nephews are so adorable!

  8. Oh I hate the cold as well and it's finally made it's way to Florida this week so my body is in shock since it was a quick drop from 80's to 40's over night. Sleeping in and lasagna make for an amazing weekend in my books plus all the family time!!


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