October 6, 2017

Weekly Wins - First in October

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Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Cheers to the first Friday in October, woop woop. I'm way more excited for this weekend than I was three weeks ago thanks to family and friends. I can't wait to see my sissy, teach some fitness, drink coffee shop coffee, see T-Bone, take a nap, go out and party with friends, teach another class and just relax with sissyboobear.

It's going to be a winning weekend, let's check out the winning of the week:

|| I mentioned yesterday about my growing tribe down here and I was beyond thrilled when a girls evening came together so easily. We closed down the restaurant and spent most of the time laughing and I'm thankful I have such amazing women to ask advice now and in the future.

|| Sissy's coming into town. Sissy's coming into town. SISSYBOO IS COMING HERE!!!!

|| This darling, darling video. Baby doesn't want daddy to go to work, too cute.

|| Biggest win for the week [besides sissy, but I've mentioned that a BAZILLION times] is receiving some fitness photos taken last week. A friend is trying to get better at sports photography and I volunteered my class to have her come practice, hoping to get a few action shots. She GOT SOME AMAZING shots and I'm beyond thrilled with what she sent. I don't post these to boast or brag, I'm just extremely proud of my technique & form and excited to have clear pictures where I don't look ridiculous. Big big big win and new profile picture :)

Happy Friday, loves! Hope you have a fabulous weekend < 3 !


  1. That air though! Enjoy your weekend! <3

  2. You look seriously amazing in those shots and yay for girl friends in your new home! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  3. You are a total pro! Great photos!

    Enjoy sister time this weekend!

  4. You're killin' it girlie! Enjoy every second this weekend with your sister <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. Those pictures are AWESOME - look at the air on that jump!! Have so much fun this weekend with your sister!

  6. That one of you jumping is awesome! Have so much fun with sissyboobear!

  7. Look at the air on that jump!!

  8. Have a blast with your sissy this weekend and I'm happy to hear you have a growing tribe of girlies to hang out with and chit chat. Look at you in your element teaching class! The photos came out fantastic.

  9. Oh wow, your friend got some amazing photos!! That's awesome.

    I hope you have a great weekend with your sister. Yay for girl's nights coming together so well though too.


  10. Those photos are amazing!!!! You rock!

  11. Enjoy your weekend with your sister. Those photos are AWESOME!!!!!!! They capture you perfectly!

  12. Your pics are awesome! Way to go, friend!


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