October 5, 2017

What's New With You {October}


Late to the party, womp womp. But, at least I'm still at the party, right?

New things in my hood:

+ Now a certified personal trainer (CPT) after failing the exam in June. WOOOOHOOO

+ Starting the trainer training (haha) and excited/nervous to learn everything.

+ Babysissy is coming to visit me this weekend while Le Husband is out of town. I was green with envy he was going to be in Las Vegas without me, but now sissy will be here I think I got the better end of the deal. #familyalways

+ Sportyspice might be getting a puppy, eeeeek.

+ Bummer of a new is my knee. Or IT band. Or ligament. Just SOMETHING along the outer part of my right knee is bothering me, especially after I teach. I'm on an icing and stretching regiment per a PT friend, but uggggh, y'all, just ugh!!!!

+ Oh and yeah, did I mention LAUNCH IS NEXT WEEK!?!?!? EGAD!

+ I've slowly brought my other blog out of the spiderwebs. Please stop by if you have the chance and let me know your honest thoughts. What would you like to read/see from a new fitness blog?

+ My tribe of women friends is growing here and I'm beyond grateful. There are some amazing women who are fitness instructors and are friends of fitness instructors and I've enjoyed getting to know each and every person. So thankful to slowly have my tribe form.

+ October brings beautiful days and I find myself praising the beauty of the world every morning.

Alright, thats all she wrote. Nothing spectacular or pretty with pictures, but these are the new things happening in my life at the moment. I'm trying to get better about being here more often, so please keep checking back. Join me tomorrow for Weekly Wins :)!


  1. your knee..is it a burning sensation? like something is 'rubbing' against your knee and then your knee area is sore? because that's what i have whenever i run...i thought it was my IT band but turns out it was muscle imbalance...more specifically, 'weaker' hams. when my PT said that to me, I was *super* insulted and legit said "HAVE YOU SEEN MY LEGS? THEY'RE HELLA STRONG" #calmdownaholebro. so i focused on strengthening my legs and glutes for 3weeks and no more pain. GO FIGURE. food for thought.

  2. Have fun with your sister visiting this weekend!

    And congrats on becoming a personal trainer!!


  3. I had no idea you had another blog!! Jumping over there now! So glad things are going well for you - minus the knee. Hope it starts to feeling better!

  4. Have fun with your sister and I hope your knee feels better soon.

  5. Ugh sorry about the injury. I am hella sore and feeling old these days my self. have fun with your sister visiting, how fun!

  6. congrats on being a certified personal trainer! you go girl.
    a puppy?! how exciting.
    oh so so bad about your knee. that is the worst. i have really crappy knees so i'm always dealing with something knee related. hope you get it sorted.
    that is SO awesome about your tribe of women friends. i've been here almost 6 years and don't really have new friends :) i do have a couple of friends i knew before i moved here but i wish i could make new ones too.

  7. Oh I will definitely check out your other blog. I love fitness blogs. Yay for growing your tribe and making new friends. I love October. It is so beautiful. The colors changing, the crisp mornings...LOVE it.

  8. I'm so glad you have your tribe of women!!! I finally have mine here and it really changes everything.


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