August 1, 2017

A Weekend Post A Day Late {Because Family and Tired}

Gone are the days of blogging Sunday night on the couch, after a long weekend. Even though it's been over year since we moved and my blogging schedule changed I still find it hard to believe my post isn't already written and read. I mean, today is Tuesday, not Monday, and here you are reading recap of the weekend. I just can't justify the time behind the computer at home anymore, unless it's studying Les Mills or NASM. Not a complaint, rather a moment or a feeling. Anyway, moving on to the weekend.

Another two days where I could barely catch my breath because so much was packed in and family was involved so you had to commit. My SIL's sister's son [you get that] celebrated his one year birthday over the weekend and so my SIL and MIL drove down from Ohio to Knoxville for the party. Oh, yeah, my SIL's sister lives down here with her family now, fun right? Anyway, we had the weekend on the calendar marked off for family and even hoped to have a sleepover with our oldest nephew, A. Both Le Husband and I were excited to see the kids [three lil boys] and family. Then, an added bonus happened for me.

Okay, bonus is the wrong word. My aunt's father died last week at the age of 95 and my mother decided to come down to the funeral on Thursday. She stayed with T-Bone since we already had Le Husband's mother at our home and I was able to spend time with the two of them on Thursday night after teaching. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a funny drinking video with Mama B, T-Bone and myself, we enjoyed some sangria with our delicious dinner.

Friday night I skedaddled to an acupuncture appointment because my shoulder and rear deltoid had bothered me all week and I was beyond thankful for the healing power of needles and cupping. It made me so sleepy afterwards but we had dinner plans with everyone, or so we thought. Then kids happened and it ended up just being the two moms and me and Le Husband eating dinner at our home. It was such a fun and unexpected turn of events to have both moms in the house and a treat to cook them dinner and just be together. Oh and we got to go to sleep at 10pm, woohoo!

Saturday morning I subbed a BODYATTACK class for a friend and Le Husband and his mom went to Gatlinburg for a fun trip. While they were gone, I joined my mom and T-Bone at his house boat then hung out at the pool before the birthday party. Rarely do I just get to hang with Mama B and we had a fun time just chilling out in the gorgeous weather. The birthday party was a lot of fun and our adorable nephews were just a hoot to hang out with. The youngest is barely 3 months and he is the most smiliest happier kid ever so you know I got my cuddle on, haha.

Sunday morning the Ohio family left, Le Husband and I did some work around the house and then I went over to the lake for some more family time and dinner. Again, just a gorgeous day and lots of fun chilling with those I love. Sunday night was tough getting things all put together and Monday morning even rougher. I'm already looking to this weekend because we have NOTHING planned and I am so excited to just chill, sleep and relax. Three more days, woop!

Oh, btw, HOW IS IT AUGUST ALREADY!??! !I mean, what?!


  1. I so feel has been ages since I posted a regular weekly update as to what has been going on in our lives! Sunday comes and I'm just like....nope. Glad you got some bonus time with your mom!

  2. Yay for lots of family time - expected and unexpected!! Girl, I am so looking forward to a weekend of doing absolutely nothing. Maybe next weekend?? Sigh

  3. Girl there's a reason why I have only recapped 1 or 2 weekends the past several months, I just don't have time. Fun with family and friends, and relaxing/sleep always win. I totally got SIL's sister's son! And yay for extra time with mom <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. You can never go wrong with family time! I am glad that you were able to soak up so much time! I feel you about not really having a blog schedule anymore. On sunday nights I just want to zone out with my family and relax.

  5. I dont know how its August already either. So good you got extra family time although under not so great circumstances. Hoping you get to relax this weekend, sounds like you need that also.

  6. Seriously - it's August?! How crazy is this summer?! It sounds like you had the busiest weekend of all time, but I'm sure you'll have room to breathe next weekend!

  7. Yay for family time! You crammed a lot in! You are making me want to schedule an acupuncture appt!


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