August 17, 2017

Random Thursday Musings

Last week I posted a ton, this week, oops. Lots of random musings today. Key word, RANDOM!

|| Facebook reminded me about my BODYPUMP filming anniversary this week. Yes, friends, two years ago I started this fitness instructor journey and wow what a whirlwind of a two years. I was such a scared baby filming WITH MY FAMILY. So nervous, so unsure and still not certain this was something I would be good at or would enjoy. Flash forward four more LES MILLS and one BARRE certification later. I'm beyond grateful for my family who helped me take this step and so thankful I said YES even though I was scared. Reach for your dreams, friends. You can do it!

|| Our Thanksgiving plans are set and I'm slowly freaking out about asking my boss for the time off. There is part of me, this scared to ask questions part, who worries upon worries upon worries about asking. Then there is this other part of me, this indignant part, who gets pissed off because I feel I have to worry about asking for vacation. I don't want to rock the boat, but, it's family. And family comes first, always. I need to decide whether to ask him in person now or send an email request, basically telling him I'm taking off. Honestly, this sounds horrible, but right now if he says no I think I'll look for another job by October. Dramatic much, right? All I know is I'm going and that's flat.

|| Friends, lend me your eyes and thoughts. I'm in need of a new address stamp and with Expressionery running a small sale I figured this was the time to jump. There are so many choices I barely managed to narrow them down to three and now I ask for your help. Which do you like best? My only issue with #1 is would it seem weird if I sent a letter but had the return address be myself and Le Husband? I love the heart in #2, but wonder if it's a bit much. #3 is unique but is it me?

|| Our country makes me so sad right now. My heart hurts. My head hurts. My eyes hurt from crying. I don't understand this hate. I don't understand how people can be so judgmental of others due to skin color. I don't understand how people can generalize so hugely. White. Black. Muslim. Christian. Democrat. Republican. Independent. We are all human and we must take care of each other. We must we must we must we must LOVE!

|| Oh my land have I been tired, mornings make me look like this lady duck. I'll attribute 25% to a bad diet, not relaxing before bed and going to bed later than I should, but the rest is all due to not sleeping through the night. Sadly I've gone back on sleeping pills this week because I just could not take the lack of sleep anymore. Granted normal sleep for me is waking up every 4 hours, which is still quite broken, but this every 2 hours is for the birds. I have some Natural Clam arriving next week and fingers crossed it will be the natural way to fix this issue. I need my body to recover with rest.

|| Speaking of taking care of myself, I started talking to someone. FINALLY! Now, this is a bit different than what I originally expected, but I can meet via FaceTime which helps with scheduling. I'm seeing someone and learning about the process of FOCUSING. Very interesting, very different but very helpful. Tuesday we had a session and things veered off quite dramatically, yet I was able to feel the emotions without letting them engulf me. Big first step, y'all. BIG! 

|| Due to lack of sleep and being tired, my skin has been quite blah. So I went to the closet Walmart and bought  few different masks to try and combat the issues. I drink a ton of water and take vitamins plus a hair/skin/nails supplement daily, which makes me think this is something to treat on the outside. Anyone have a favorite [not expensive] hydration/pore shrinking mask the recommend? Thanks and thanks!


  1. I love those stamps!!! My favorite is the first one.

  2. 2, 1, & then 3. They are all cute though! I can't believe it's been 2 years already! You're kicking butt!

  3. So sorry you have to worry so much about asking for vacation time - you are right, family always comes first and it's important to work for someone that feels the same! My husband left his previous job in May this year because his boss expected him to always put his job before me and the kids, crazy! xx

  4. I LOVE number 3 - it's so unique!

    Also, this country makes me sad right now, too. Politics aside, it baffles me that we're STILL here hundreds of years later. Can't we just hug? That's stupid, but you know what I mean. Sigh.

  5. How pretty are those stamps! And girllll I feel ya on the time off thing, it's my birthday and I'm sitting at work (which is not at all busy btw) because my boss denied my request for taking today and tomorrow off and making a long weekend of it. It's absolutely pathetic the work/life balance we have in this country, among many other issues. People and family should come first always <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. I always dreaded asking bosses for time off, it was like asking your parents for permission to go out haha. I hope they don't give you a hard time about it.

  7. I have started to think about holiday travel plans too, and it's stressing me out! Hope you have fun things in store for Thanksgiving and get that time off!

  8. Good luck with the time off request! I hope they get it and understand. It's such a slow time most places... but I know my last job was AWFUL about it... so fingers and toes crossed for you!

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