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March 1, 2019

Weekly Wins: End of Feb

Afternoon! I know this post is late on a Friday and many won't read it but I want to document some of my weekly wins. Since I use this as a journal I try to make time for things I want to remember. 

+ I'm still on high after such a wonderful baby shower weekend. Seeing my family and my BOFF for three whole days was so lovely and I was so glad Le Husband was able to be there for the party. It was so fun just enjoying the weekend and I felt beyond loved. 

+ Sportyspice is still in VA and it's so fun seeing all the cute videos of lil bean with grandparents. 

+ I taught a barre class last night and it was so much fun. I didn't just wing it and I believe it showed. It was to a new group of women I'd never taught before so I was a little nervous since I teach different barre than most. After class I had THREE women tell me this was their FAVORITE format of barre {including purre barre and barre3} and then requested my teaching schedule. Such a great feeling.

+ I finally bit the bullet and bought a support band for my bump and am SO glad I did. It is making quite a difference in support and I'm hoping it will help me from feeling so sore the next day. Trust me, I'm still cleared to workout and everything is fine, this is just a bit of support for the bottom of the belly. I have quite a schedule in March and am beyond thankful I chose to purchase something because I KNOW I'll use it even after baby.

+ Spring is right around the corner. I cannot wait until the sun shines warmer. 

+ WE ARE IN THE LAST FULL MONTH OF PREGNANCY!!! BOB will be here in less than two months, oh em GOOOOOODNESS! I am excited, nervous, ready, not ready and just WHELMED ;)! Cheers to MARCH!


  1. You look so adorable! I can't wait to see your sweet little babe.

  2. I can't believe you're in the last month!!!

  3. You are so adorable!!!! Pregnancy looks amazing on you!

  4. So glad that you got to fill your heart with family and friends and celebrations for Baby BOB... who is going to be here SO SOON!!!!!


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