July 1, 2014

Sail away sail away

Ever have a music moment that takes you back?

To a certain time, place and feeling?!

I'm sure everyone reading has a song that remind you of family, friends, boy/girlfriends and others that remind you of certain trips, teams and moments in time.

I was randomly listenging to my Pandora a few weeks ago and this song game on. Almost instantly I was transported back to the summer before college. 

I could smell my childhood bedroom, and could feel the sunshine streaming in from the windows, warming me as I began to pack for college. As I close my eyes I can see the multiple checklists laid out on my bed, with piles and piles of clothes littering the floor. Some on hangers, some just carelessly thrown down. 

Looking back I would do a lot differnetly, packing wise, but at 18 you really have NO idea what you're doing. I didn't need half the stuff I took and I left some of my favorite things at home. Gosh darn it, where was Pinterest when I needed to look up the bazillion "What to take to college" pins?!?

Really couldn't tell you why ENYA was my music of choice, but I just know that no matter what, when I hear this song it's the summer of 2001 and it's the start of something new. 

 I recall the readiness of wanting to 'Sail Away' into a new adventure. The joys, hopes and dreams are still poignant to this day. Behold, the power of music. 

What are some songs that 'takeyouback'?


  1. Every time I hear The Remix to Ignition, I am transported to every college party ever and dancing with my Big and Little. Seriously, we still text each other randomly when we hear it.

  2. I actually love Sail Away and pretty much anything by Ace of Base reminds me of my sister getting ready to go out!! She's older than me lol

  3. So many songs!!! The Remix to Ignition was my jam in college too! Love hearing random songs like that... it is like you are back in that moment in time.

  4. Anytime I hear that ridiculous song "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter I am taken back to spring break my senior year of high school. Wow.

  5. music just sings to my soul. i love that you can listen to a song and it can take you back to specific memories!

  6. Isn't it amazing how one song can bring out so many memories??

  7. SO many songs make me think of exact moments in high school, or college. I love how music can just instantly take you back!

  8. I have Enya on my iPod! I love how music is transcendent and takes us back.


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