July 18, 2014

I Confess...Friday's My Fave

Oh sweet, sweet Friday, you are finally here. The week after a long vacation is the longest week ever, right?!? It's been a bit of a doozy getting back into the swing of things and y'all would judge the ish out of me if you saw how I rolled to work the past four days. But, you know what, at least I made it.

Let's get down to some confessing and favoriting, ya heard!?

I confess... Sole Society owns my next paycheck. Great googly-moogly, their sales are killing me, but their shoes are so comfy, it's worth the money.

I confess… I thought I was a young buck last night, but sadly I am not. I agreed to sub for a friend's soccer team last night at 10pm and while I didn't have my best game it went well. So, a team that played after us didn't have enough girls and I thought 'Sure, why not, I'm up anyway'. OH EM NO…my body is NOT in shape enough to play another game, at 11pm. WOOF!

I confess... This is the first weekend since MAY 17th, that Le Husband and I going out of town FOR REAL!!!! We are going to be able to wake up in our own bed and just chill this weekend and I'm so stinkin' excited.

I confess... I almost threw up in my mouth when I read Leslie's post about Birks being 'back in style'. Are you serious? Barforama!!!

I confess... The vast and expansiveness of Alaska has me aching to move there. People don't think I could deal with the winters, but the Denali mountain is worth a long winter.

I confess... The response from Wednesday's post made me laugh. Glad I'm not the only one that's weird, < 3 you ladies.

I confess... As happy as I am to be home, I'm still not fully here. Alaska was so incredible, so beautiful and so remote, it really made me question my choice living in the concrete jungle. Work annoyances and petty BS that engulfs me back home just melted away and I felt so free and happy while I was gone.It's been a struggle getting up in the mornings and acclimating to the day-to-day. Hopefully, it gets easier, soon.

Now, onto my favorites from the week.

Favorite Video the week: Tacky blog post coming next week ;)

Favorite moment the week: Sleeping in my own bed....FINALLY!

Favorite blog post the week: People complain to much and Nikki's on point with her thankful post. Life isn't always peaches and cream, but being grateful can make a bad day better.

Favorite funny of the week: Ode to my Alaskan trip

Shake that tail y'all, it's FINALLY FRIDAY!

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  1. Those puppies are the cutest. I've heard the same thing about Birks and I don't like them either. Sleeping in your own bed is so amazing after being away.

  2. those puppies are the cutest! oh alaska looks amazing, i really dont think i could handle the winters though haha. i get you about coming back from vacation though and being like, why dont i live there?

  3. Best part of coming home from vacation is sleeping in your own bed!! Those little puppies are too cute!! People should be grateful for what they have especially good health. Life is a blessing.

    Best, Mree

  4. Amen to sleeping in your own bed! and let's move to alaska and breed huskies.ya in? lol. Enjoy your restful weekend! love ya to pieces!

  5. WHO plays soccer at 11pm?? LOL #notthisoldgrandma

  6. Glad you're getting to relax a bit in your own bed! Also those puppies are too cute!

  7. Sole Society’s sales are serious trouble! Such good deals though!

  8. Agreed on the SS sales. The prices are ridiculous! How can you not snatch up a few things??? Your pics make me want to go to Alaska so badly. Agree with Lynn - let's breed some cute pups and call it a life!:)

  9. Soccer at 10pm? More like bed time for me! I can't hang!

    Alaska looks sooooo beautiful! I can see how it would be tempting.

    I am going to ignore your mentions about a sale. Too many sales right now, Nordstrom is KILLING me. I need more money. Where can we get a money tree?!

  10. Why does everyone have to have their sales at the exact same time?! My poor wallet. I should have never clicked on that Sole Society link, ha!

  11. Beautiful scenery! I bet it was an amazing trip!

  12. Ugh. The Birks. I can't do it!


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