July 8, 2014

Guest Post: Babbling Brookelyn

Hey there ladies! Today, the wonderful and fabulous Brooke is posting for me. She and I share a love of all things athletic, food, hilarity and of course USMNT and WORLD CUP! We have enjoyed sharing texts about our heart attacks due to the USMNT play, which has taken a few years off my life, but it's so awesome having another soccer fan in the house. I'm just bummed she lives a whole continent away on the west coast...boo!

Hopefully, one day we'll get to meet and have an epic work 
out followed by an epic feast of delicious food.


Besides play with bears. (although you can probably do that too, they are everywhere!

Hi everyone! My name is Brooke and I blog over at Babbling Brookelyn. Pinky is letting me take over her blog while she is on vaca and on her honeymoon in Alaska. Now, normally I blog about things like my favorite city Portland, fitness, photography, and my favorite thing on earth...food. But today I thought it would be perfect to share some tidbits about what to do when you visit Alaska. Since I worked in a tiny town called Craig, Alaska for 3 summers during college, I'm basically an expert on the state. Might as well call me a Native Alaskan... ok, now I am just lying.

When you are in small town Alaska ... which is pretty much any city other than Anchorage...there are a limited number of activities. This list basically sums it up:

Hanging out with wild animals 
Staying up all night because it stays light out forever 
and Hiking 

Today I wanted to share some things I learned about hiking in Alaska. 

//The views will be fantastic. 

//You will get stuck in mud. It may or may not include bear poop. *You will definitely see bear poop, maybe even the animal itself* 

//You have to take a token thumbs up photo once you've arrived at your final destination.

//You will have questionable makeshift 'bridges' you will have to walk on.

 //The Alaskan coast line looks a lot like Oregon's coast line and nothing like the East coast line.

Hope you have an amazing time in Alaska, Pinky!!! 

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<3 BB 


WOW! Alaska is so beautiful right? I'm kind of bummed my trip there is over, but I can't wait to share my pictures and experiences with you! Thanks so much for the post, Brooke. I'll make sure to get a thumbs up picture for you!!!


  1. Alaska looks amazing - definitely on the list of places I want to visit.

  2. looks stunning there!
    xo Jessica

  3. hey! hey! that's me :) thanks for letting me take over. hope you're loving AK


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