July 16, 2014

You Might Think I'm Weird

I just gotta confess these weird quirks...

I can't sleep without socks on my feet.

I'd rather rewatch a TV show/movie than go to the movies.
I can still wear some clothes from high school.

I can't wrap my head around rompers. I just don't think they are cute.

I don't understand when brides change their names on Facebook the night of the wedding or the morning after. 1] It isn't true, because your SS name hasn't been changed and 2] Was the wedding that boring you had to get online?!?

I try to step over every crack in the sidewalk
yes it makes for interesting jumps.

Hunger games....didn't read em, won't see the movies.

I won't step on grates.

I'd choose a small dinner vs a big party.

My kitchen has to be spotless...my bedroom, eh.

I don't discuss my bodily functions, almost ever. And it's persona non grata around Le Husband. Call me prim all you want, but I don't believe it has any place in our relationship. I've been told once children enter our world, this will change, but we aren't there yet. Despite my tomboyish nature, I don't think mentioning my digestive needs will make our relationship any better and the lack of 'needs' is actually a running joke.

95% of the time, I choose heels over flats.

I have to lotion up my hands after I wash them. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

A messy list of 'To Dos' drives me nuts. I'll rewrite it until it's 'pretty'.

I hate fake cinnamon anything.
yuck card to big red, fireball and red hots

I could eat the same dessert every night, but can't eat the same thing for lunch or dinner every day.

Spiders don't bother me, but I'll freak if I see a millipede.

I don't usually miss Le Husband actively, until he's home. Meaning, once he's back I realize how much I actually missed him.

I will argue that summer is the best season to the DEATH!

What makes you 'weird'?

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  1. I can't sleep with socks on my feet! haha And I am right there with you on a messy to do list - REDO!

  2. I love these. But as a girl with Crohn's I discuss the digestive issues and he asks if things are ok. But he is not allowed to be in thr bathroom during those times. And yeah small dinners!! i still want a romper, just because i think it solves so many outfit problems! xoxo

  3. Bahahah, the FB name change!!! I've thought exactly the same thing, but couldn't actually say anything because my best friend did it and she NEVER signs on FB for anything ever.. except to change her name the day after her wedding. WHAT?!
    I guess it's not "official" until it's FB official.

  4. Haha - Loved this! We are soooo different. Haha. I HATE socks. I'd rather see a movie than watch TV. I LOVED the hunger games. I Love heels......on the other hand I completely agree with you about FB last names, pretty to-do list rewrites and a clean kitchen! :)

  5. omg yes to the names on FB. seriously though? I didnt change mine for months because it took so long to change in the US & back home. so when I did everyone was like OMG ABOUT TIME and i was like damn you guys i had to deal with 2 freaking governments. shit takes time.
    i dont step on grates either!!
    i loved the hunger games books though. the movies are definitely fluff, but i like fluff sometimes.

  6. I too have to sleep with socks on. Usually, they fall off during the night but I can't fall asleep without them.

    Best, Mree

  7. OMG i can't sleep WITH socks on lol. My feet need to be uncovered and bare or i feel too confined.

    I have not will not watch/read hunger games, harry potter, and that erotic one (can not remember name)

  8. I also wondered about when Bride's change their name the same day ..surely you had more important things to do then go on facebook - at your OWN wedding?! lmao

  9. Thank you for putting that one out there! I mean who is that ready at their own wedding to change their name? I will be too busy partying it up!

  10. I have 3 kids and I still hide all bodily functions from my boyfriend!

  11. I don't mind killing spiders either... but ear wigs make me want to pee and gag!

  12. I had to laugh at the Facebook name change thing - I totally agree! I don't see myself being anywhere near my phone on my wedding night. I feel like I would have much more important and fun things going on ;D

  13. I changed my name the morning after my wedding. I wasn't able to sleep in because of how excited I still was and was on Facebook to see all of the amazing pictures people posted from the wedding and the sweet comments people wrote to us. I was excited to take my husband's name, and my wedding wasn't close to being boring.

  14. I also love Summer and a clean to-do list! I cant wear socks to bed at night, id get too hot! And I disagree with you on the Fb name change. I changed my name on Fb the next morning and dont see anything wrong with it. Changing my name on there was just a small part of the excitement surrounding it all. I'm not sure why that would reflect on my wedding day in a negative light.

  15. I missed this post the other day, so came back to check it out! Each of these little quirks makes me love you even more, you crazy girl:) So with ya on the changing name thing. And how bout the people who update their FB/IG constantly while on their honeymoon? Like, uhhhhh, don't you have anything better to be doing!?!!!!

  16. Agree about the same dessert every night and kitchen spotless but bedroom, meh. I am definitely guilty of changing my name on FB the next day, lol. I didn't have my phone on me at ALL during the wedding. I didn't even think about it.


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