July 7, 2014


  Morning ladies and happy Monday to y'all. My Monday is going swimmingly, as I've been on vacay since 6/27. Oh, did I mention that last week I was on an Alaskan cruise with my family?!?! No, I didn't, but that was on purpose, 
Today we are debarking, spending some time in Canada and then my family is leaving to come home. BUUUUT, Le Husband and I are staying out in Canada and finally taking our Honeymoon. It's going to be so awesome and I am super thrilled with all that we have planned.

I've been DYING to share all the deets leading up to the end of June, but wasn't comfortable sharing that we would all be gone for more than a week. But, since people are on their way back, I figured it's okay to mention, now. STILL.....STAY AWAY CREEEPERS!

I have some amazing guest posters lined up for you this week, so please check them out. Today, we have the beautiful and fabulous, Biana. I absolutely adore her blog, love her fashion posts and hope to get up to Boston so we can have a proper blate!

Hi all you Pink Persistence readers, I'm Biana and I blog over at B~Loved Boston! Over there you can find me dishing about my fashion finds, beauty buys and so much more in between! I'm so thankful to be here while Miss Pinky is off gallivanting on a much deserved honeymoon! 
When the topic of honeymoon's comes up I can't help but think about what it's truly about - spending some time with your new husband/wife without the distractions of the world! Sure you're not going to be in total seclusion, unless you want to be, but here are my choices for dream honeymoon locations!! Key emphasis on dream...
This beautiful island nestled off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea is a honeymooner's dream. You get the seclusion of island life, but with the European twist! Sun, culture and great food - this would be paradise!

The Maldives
Sure the flight would be long, but when this is where you're headed it's totally worth it!! Your own private little villa with a person concierge to make sure your stay is everything that you've dreamed of.  

Known for it's white washed homes & blue roofs, Mykonos is one of the prettiest Greek Islands. Again the best of both worlds with relaxation and culture all in one location. If you're so inclined you can also island hop and see the other great places!! One of my favorite Greek Islands is Rhodes!

Ah the Seychelles, if it's good enough for the Prince and Duchess, then it's good enough for me! Not sure where this beautiful island is...ya neither was I until I Googled it. It's located off the coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean! 

Aruba is to this day one of the best islands I have ever visited!! Nestled outside of the hurricane belt you can literally go any month of the year and it will feel like heaven! The bonus is that most, if not all, hotels on the island are all inclusive! 

And finally I'll leave you with my #1 Honeymoon Destination - mostly because I'm biased...
We spent 9 amazing days on the island of Maui and it has everything a honeymooner can dream of!! It's the 2nd largest of all the Hawaiian islands and has the most beautiful beaches and mountains! If you ever go - the Road to Hana is not for the faint of heart...but so worth it to see the Red Sand Beach!! FYI Hana is not what you're going to see...

So there you have it - my dream honeymoon destinations!! What places are on your list?! 

Thanks so much for reading and come by and say Hi! to me!! 


Thanks so much for posting, B! I think I need another honeymoon to one of these places, they are super, duper gorgeous! You are awesome, lady!


  1. Thanks so much for having me and hope you are having a wonderful time on a much deserved honeymoon!!

  2. SOOOOO jealous of your trip!!! that is definitely on my bucket list!

  3. I am super jealous of your trip! Alaska is on my list of places to travel for sure. Now I need to add all these other places as well. We went to Turks and Caicos...it was AMAZING! Enjoy your vacation!!

  4. Hope y'all have a super fun time!! I'm sure you will though!! & I can't wait to hear about the Alaskan cruise! I've heard they are amazing!!

  5. now i just want to travel and travel and travel

  6. Alaskan cruise, WHAT???? That's amazing! And a Canadian honeymoon? So fun! Can't wait to hear all about both when you get back! Have so much fun sweet girl!

  7. Have fun on your vacation. Knowing you are on the west coast i assume you are honeymooning in BC. Good time of year to go :)

  8. BAH! I can't wait for you to come back and tell me all about your vacay!!!

  9. You went on a cruise!?!? I can't wait to hear all about it. Enjoy your honeymoon :)

  10. I think I want to get married 6 times now and visit each one of these.

  11. Love it all! But especially Maui.. can we go back please?!


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