July 28, 2014

The Mud Made Me Flash Them!

This weekend I...

.-.Played in my third soccer game of the week. #BOFFheadband4thewin

.-.Played awesome defense…stonewalloverhere.

.-.Ate three frittatas. Ladies, if you're looking for a delicious, easy and VERY healthy breakfast, look no further than a egg/egg white frittata. They are now my NEW go-to breakfast, yummy.

.-.Ran a 5 mile Spartan race after not training. We actually forgot the fact we signed up, until Thursday last week. Talk about being tooooo busy, huh!?!

.-.Rocked out said race.

.-.Only failed one obstacle outright. 

.-.Surprised myself with my strength and agility.

.-.Flashed a group of spectators when a guy pulled me out of a pool of mud. Note to self, soccer shorts fall down a lot when soaked in mud. Guess who's buying spandex for her next race?

.-.Became a Spartan!

.-.Took a shower with hundreds of strangers. 

.-.Watched kids rock out a mini-spartan. SO impressive! And yes, our kids will be doing spartans.

.-.Had a lot of muddy clothes to wash.

.-.Enjoyed amazing bbq as a post race treat.

.-.Finally got a fresh, new manicure.

.-.And pedicure.

.-.Chose a deep, dark color despite it being summer.

.-.Watched Monsters Inc. with Le Husband while devouring air popped popcorn.

.-.Passed out, super early.

.-.Relished an incredibly, wonderful, lazy Sunday morning and afternoon.

.-.Napped, PTL!

.-.Caught up with extended family at dinner.

.-.Used all my willpower to refuse my favorite dessert. #spandexinsixdays

.-.Skipped my soccer game, because my legs needed a break.

How was your weekend?


  1. what a weekend! i had a pool party and cleaned

  2. Such a great weekend!!! Congrats on finishing the Spartan race- those are no joke!! I'm sort of tired of summery colors myself...might have to join you on the dark nail polish side!! Happy Monday!

  3. Sounds like you had a pretty jammed packed weekend!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday :)

  4. girl you are non stop! when do you rest?! lol i LOVE frittatas and my husband hates them - whats up with that?!

  5. I wore my BOFF headband and sports bra for my awesome workout this morning! I want to do a spartan race or mud run so bad, but le guy is to le old he says.... Love you!

  6. Did you relax any? haha Way to go on the race! I've never done anything like that- hope you have a great week as well!! xoxo

  7. Love....Monsters Inc.

    This past weekend we watched the movie `Transformers`
    Great movie...lots of action

  8. It has been awhile since I had a frittata--thanks for reminding me!

    That's awesome that you did such a good job in the race even though you didn't train. :)

  9. What a busy weekend, at least you got a nap in there ;)

  10. yummm that frittata looks so good! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. Skillet frittatas are one of my favorites for breakfast!

  12. Spandex for a race where you get muddy is definitely a good idea! I would have never thought of that either! Congrats on finishing the race despite forgetting about it! :)

    <3, Pamela

  13. why is the word frittata so fun to say!

  14. Wow! You are busy, girlfriend. Sounds like a great time to me!

  15. What a fun weekend! I want to make a fritatta!

  16. LOL!! You flasher!!! ;) We do frittatas a lot on the weekends- love that you can just throw whatever you've got on hand in and it always tastes good! :)

  17. What a great weekend, looking beautiful as always! Love me some frittata!

  18. You have the busiest weekends. I don't know how you do it all.

    Love your nails, so pretty.

  19. You always pack so much in during the weekend! I love how you rolled in the mud and then got a pedicure/manicure! They best of both worlds!

  20. Looks like a fun time!! Spartan race is now officially on my bucket list :)

    Did you see my new linkup yet? It's online for the first time today and I would be happy to see your blog linked up as well! http://www.grapefruitprincess.com/search/label/Weekend%20recap

    Have a lovely day!
    xoxo Anni

  21. Bahahahah... you flashed people! I love it!

  22. Sounds like you had an awesome, intense weekend!! Love that you flashed everyone!

  23. I can't stop getting dark nail polish. I don't care that it's summer. A few weeks ago I picked out a pinky color and the nail tech looked at me and said, "that's not you". It wasn't I got a different color.

  24. Congrats on rocking the Spartan!!! And yes, spandex is definitely the way to go with those races haha. I lost my shoe several times too!

  25. I'm going to have to remember the spandex thing...I don't want to flash anyone when we do the next mud run, haha. We just watched the second Monster's Inc. and it was AMAZING.


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