June 2, 2014


No, not just a song, the kickball team. 

The all girls kickball team.

The Championship winning kickball team. 


This tournament I learned...

::: a team that has only practiced together for three months can win a championship.

::: no one but our team believed we were any good.

::: it's fun to surprise people that underestimate you.

::: sunscreen is very important in the summer.

::: bunting against girls can be tricky after bunting agasint boys.

::: if you wanna play more, you need to ask.

::: I KNOW how to play the game better than I think.

::: tying the number one and two team is pretty sweet.

::: fouling out is the worst!

::: being a bunting machine and helping my team is the best.

::: seven innings is too many innings for the championship.

::: good manners goes a long way, even in sports.

::: Goombay overtime is ridic.

::: Winning a championship in VA on the same day your husband wins a tournament in Kansas City is pretty freaking sweet. #proudpowercouple.

::: I missed celebrating with Le Husband.

::: It was beyond amazing to celebrate with the sissys.

::: winning cold, hard, cash feels really good.

::: I have a new, amazing group of girlfriends.



It's all about the winning BENJAMIN'S BAAAAABYYYYY!

Championship Sissys, woop woop!

To quote our captain, 
"The tournament was a day filled with nasty pitching and strikeouts, strong kicking and bunting, great catching, throwing, smart base running, home runs, double plays and of course, one big ass MF snake!"

The three sissys made the decision to come home Saturday night and not party with everyone in VA Beach. Yes it sounds lame, but we have some incriedlby busy weekends in the future, filled with traveling and hotels, so it was the smart move on our part. We grabbed some ChickFila [yumyumrightJess?] and hit the road for the three hour drive home. I was exhausted when we got home, but it was nice to get a shower and pass out in my own bed. 

Sunday morning was rough, but I dragged my tired hiney out of bed for church. I had thought about sleeping in, but the rest of my summer weekends are packed and I didn't want to miss one of my only chances to get to church. 

I'm so glad I went, as it was an incredible service about healing and faith. There are so many people suffering, Le Husband and I both have close friends dealing with cancer and it was an amazing service of prayer. I truly believe He heard us and healing will come. 

After church I drove to Clarendon and met one good friends and her lil three month old for brunch. We tried this new lil place and it was fabulous. The outdoor seating was perfect and the food and drinks were divine. 
Wine bar, crepes, mimosas and espressos…you just can't go wrong
Eggs Benedict Crepe…nom nom nom.
I could rave about all day, but the company was a million times better than the food. It was so wonderful catching up with my sweet friend and her sister. We've known each other since high school and her mother helped with the flowers at my wedding. She's one of the sweetest girls and I was so excited to finally meet her lil baby girl. 
Isn't she precious?
Too soon it was time for baby girl's nap so the party broke up and I head home to the apartment. Since I basically dropped and ran to meet my friend I spent the next few hours doing laundry, deep cleaning the bedrooms and then went grocery shopping for the week. I was kind of off last week because I didn't have time to meal prep, so I spent the time Sunday evening getting it done. An hour+ later I'm prepped for lunches until Wednesday #getitrightgetittight.

I'm so thankful for my second wind because now I feel ready for the week. And I was able to watch most of game seven between the Blackhawks and the Kings. I hope all you hockey fans were watching, it was a pretty phenomenal game. 

Now it's time to rock the week out, and hopefully enjoy a massage today to get ready for this weekend's tournament. If you ever hear me complain about a boring weekend, kindly smack me okay?!?! #itisneverending #iwouldntchangemylifeforanything.

How was your weekend?


  1. Congratulations on winning the tournament - bragging rights are just as good as the cash money!! Seriously sounds like a wonderful weekend!! Thanks so much for linking up :) And that link I couldn't figure out - haha it's live now!! Happy Monday doll face!

  2. Yay for the win! So proud of you for learning so much about yourself this weekend. And boring? No way! Amazing how the good word with the ones we love and can set the tone for week. Love you always.

  3. yayy!!! congrats love! and that last pic, so cute. look at those cheeks!

  4. Congrats on winning!! That's so exciting!!

  5. Woo-Hoo!! So happy you guys won!! Loved all the pictures.

  6. i still can't believe you win money for this stuff!!! GO YOU GUYS

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  8. Congrats on the win, that is awesome!!

    What is with the sponsors being bigger than the sidebar though? i wasn't sure if it was just me but i am on a different computer with a different browser and they still go over top of your posts.

  9. Awwwww look at the arms on her!!!! So cute!!! Congratulations on that big win lady!!! xoxoxo

  10. Awesome job on that tournament, girl! Also, that crepe? OMG. Thanks for linking up today! xo

  11. congrats! sounds like a busy weekend

  12. FUN! I just quit softball but at least we won the league our last game and went out on a high note.

    Thanks for linking up for MMG :)

  13. Congrats to both of you for winning!! What a fun weekend.

  14. OMG!!!! HOLLER!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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