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April 2, 2013

Monthly Goals/Check In

Time to take stock in how I did
with my March Goals.

1] Lock in a wedding date!!!!!! BOOM, DONE! We set a date in September 2013, which is just over five months away.

2] Finish 'Will you be my MOH or BM gifts'. DONESKI and I'm super proud of em!

3] Yoga at least once a week. Hmmmmm, welllllllllll this is a kindasortacomplete. The first two weeks I practice more than once, but the last few I didn't make it to the mat. I'm proud I was able to rock out the first weeks, but not enough to give myself the whole month.

4] Do something nice/sweet for Le Fiance every week. I'm VERY proud I kept this one up and even added a few extra things each week. I love doing nice things for the ones I care about.

5] Make wedding list including EVERYTHING that needs to be done. Yep YEP! I made the list, but am still adding things I forgot. Oh well, a list that grows is STILL a list right?!


Having the March linkups was super helpful,
so thank you Miss Janna!

I hope April will be just as successful as March.

1] Celebrate the DIIIIRTY THIRTY in STYLE! - Yes, it's birthday month and I'm super excited. I'm ready to party and celebrate the beginning of my thirties. I had a blast in my 20s, but I'm so ready to embrace the NEW decade of life.

2] Lock in Photographer and Florist - I've made the inquiries, but I need to work with C to nail down these two key parts of the wedding.

3] Yoga at least once a week - Apparently I've been suffering from delayed stress and my body is all kinds of wacky right now. I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to carve out time to just zen out and work my body.

4] OWN the Tough-Mudder on 4/21 -I wanna compete and complete this challenge without feeling like I failed. I only have three weeks to get ready so it's CRUNCH TIME!

4] Print, cut and mail out Save the Dates - These need to be done by the 2nd week of April, in order for them to be useful. I'm hoping we can get it done ASAP.

5] Switch over fall/winter for spring/summer wardrobe - UGH, I HATE this time of year [both fall and spring] because it's so much work changing over the clothing. However, I do love bringing out my spring/summer clothes, they are so fun and bright, sigh, I've missed em for sure.

6] Lose X pounds - ZIP IT!!!! I KNOW I'm petite, but girl put on a few elbees in the month of March. My goal for being the fittest possible version of me by my 30th fell by the wayside, so I am using this month to lose inches and tone up the body.

Sheeeeew, that's a list y'all,
but it's a list I'm gonna DOMINATE!

What are your goals for April?


  1. Sounds like you're pretty on top of everything! I'm sure it will all get done--you're pretty organized :)

  2. AWESOME job with your goals momma! I love your healthful midset too! You should check out the 24 Day Challenge! You would rock that!

  3. I believe in you! Don't be too hard on yourself (though you seem like you're really keeping a level head which is fantastic!) xo

  4. awesome job with your goals! Keep up the great work! = )

  5. You did awesome on last month! Good work! Great list for this month! You can do it!

  6. Great job on your goals, girlie!!!

  7. I think that they photographer and videographer are too of the most important things! You will be in a whirlwind, so the memories captured are going to be the most sacred. PS. I think you are beyond smokin' for your dirty 30! You will look back and think yourself silly for stressing. I don't think you silly because we all do it to ourselves, but just so you are SMOKIN'!


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