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April 1, 2013






Ok, don't hate me, I had too. 

Annnnnd, I actually DID lose it for 30 seconds,
but then realized it was back at my parent's house, 
because I took it off to wash dishes after Easter dinner.

Luckily, my Daddy is awesome and I met him 
and my ring is sitting pretty on my finger. 
photo credit BabySpice
Waaaaaaiiiiit, that's not my finger,
that's a third stage Cherry Blossom.

Those buds were supposed to be beautiful
pink and white blooms
and the back drop for our Save the Dates,
but the darn snow made them shy.

Buuuuuuut, we were able to get some fun pictures,
and hopefully will have the Save the Dates printed
by the end of the week.

Check out some of my faves:
[all photos were taken by baby spice]

My hands down favorite 
Don't drop me in the water!
Our attempt at the 'love stare' aka FAIL!
Check the lil kid in the background
2nd favorite
< 3 this man!
And a few out takes of course:

SO MUCH WORK right?!?!


Okay, enough fun, time for work.

Today's the last linkup for
Perception Is Everything

Beautiful Janna has allowed me to be a cohost
and I'm SOOOOO STINKIN' excited.

This week was probably my worst though,
so no judging okay?

1] Another miserable FAIL for yoga this week, boo. I did some stretching but didn't make the time to practice at all. This week was more about running and trying to get a handle on my headache situation.

2] I was better about complaining at work this week, although I do have a plan for dealing with a work bully. Now instead of complaining, I'm trying to put a plan in place to fix a situation that makes me complain.

3] I took the FUEL my body better to the extreme this past week, but I was trying anything to make the headaches go away. I ate earlier in the mornings and snacked a lot more [even bad food snacks] to make sure it wasn't a CALORIC issue. So, this was complete, but not the correct way.

4] I didn't do much on the wedding front, because I was NOT interested in the computer after work. 

I shouldn't make excuses,
but I had chronic headaches everyday and ALL I wanted to do
was make them go away.

But, I should have tried harder to accomplish all of my goals.
OH WELL, I'll get it this week.

1] Print and cut Save the Date Cards.

2] Make dress appointment and decide on wedding dress.

3] Start the spring summer/winterfall wardrobe switch

I'm keeping it simple so I can succeed, 
ain't no shame right?!?!

I have to say, this link up wasn't JUST fun,

I made a bunch of monthly goals [post tomorrow]
and being able to weekly make progress
REALLY helped me achieve the BULK
of my monthly goals.

Thank you so much Janna, LOVE YOU!

Soooo girls, how was your week?

Link up and let me know :)!


  1. super cute!!! I think your 2nd fav is my fav :) I hope you post a copy of the save the date, I'm excited to see it!
    {love jenny xoxo}

  2. These are SO cute! And you were worried :) I love the one that is your favorite and I think that should be IT! :)

  3. I left my ring multiple places at first! Then I learned to leave it on at all times, no matter what I'm doing! (Except when I sleep - swollen hands! :()Love y'alls pictures though! They are SO cute!

  4. Girl I LOVE your pictures! ADORABLE!

  5. Love your pictures! They turned out great!!

  6. Oh my gosh, can you imagine if you really lost your ring?!

  7. I love the outtakes and the love stare.... seriously use that one for your save the dates... Hope you had a wonderful Easter friend!

  8. What fun pictures! I love the one that's your second favorite! :-)

  9. Those pics are SO CUTE! And let's not even discuss losing that beauty. :)

  10. I love your love stare!! You guys are just too cute for words!


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