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April 24, 2013


I've recently realized that I HAVEN'T posted much wedding stuff lately.

Maybe that makes some of y'all happy [meanies]
but, it kind of makes me sad.

I remember reading blogs of Bride To Be's
and all of the posts were fun wedding details.

I think I've dropped the ball a bit.

But, I think it's because a lot of those details aren't FUN for me.


I don't have the check lists ready.

I don't always take the initiative.

I'm not going to have everything ready right on schedule.

And you know what, that's okay with me.

Where other women get jazzed about a planning challenge,
I get all "hope this comes together quickly with minimum work".

And, I've seen so many people that have their ISH together
while planning their wedding, I've been imimidated to post
my own updates because they seem lame late.

But, you know what, this is MY BLOG,
not anyone else's
so my time line is a faaaaaaaaaaaabulous timeline.

 I don't have A LOT locked down,
but I've made progress.

I met with a photographer recommended by two friends
and y'all she is pretty amazing.

I loved her energy, her knowledge and her willingness
to work with what I already had in my head.

She asked me "What kind of pictures do you think of
when you imagine the pictures of your wedding"?

and I thought, "WOW! what a GREAT question".

I said "I want fun, laughter, smiles, love but still,
special tender moments with loved ones.
I want special looks between Le Fiance and me
because we don't have those, but I also want
to CAPTURE the occasion as well".

She loved my description and said she could definelty
understand what I wanted.

She also asked me what I DON'T like about myself in pictures
and why, which was pretty awesome.
If we end up with her, I know she will know what angle
to take pictures so I don't deal with some insecurities.

I mentioned Pinterest for my picture inspirations
and she totally got what I was thinking,

She seems very reasonably priced so
unless I get and other stellar recommendations
she might be the one. 

These are some of the pictures I told her I was looking for:

Special dance floor moments

I WANT to have fun pics with my ladies...

This will be over our mantle
Source: via Pinky on Pinterest

MUST have with my Daddy...

MUST have with my mother...
Source: via Pinky on Pinterest

With all my lil attendants...

IF he would let me...


Because we're dumb like this
Source: via Nikki on Pinterest

The details...ohhhh the DETAILS

With the Sissys


Getting put together...

Lovely moment in time

Something ordinary would be divine

Already hitched ladies do you have any tips for me regarding a photographer?
Pricing deals?


  1. I think you are doing a fantastic job! You know what you want so just go for it girl!

  2. 5 months?! It's coming so fast! Love the photos you pinned.

    One photo that I made sure my photographer knew to capture was hubby's first look when he saw me come down the aisle. Everyone is always looking at the bride at that point and they miss out on his expression. Although I can still see it in my mind I love having it in print too. It was a special moment :)

  3. 5 months will go by in a blink of an eye. I also made sure to get the picture of my Husbands face when I walked down the aisle. We didn't do first look photo's since I didn't want him to see me before the ceremony. One picture I also got was a picture of his hands on the back of my dress making a heart. Oh and since we like to play games we got a picture of forever in scrabble letters, but the "o" in forever was our rings.

  4. this photographer sounds AWESOME! and i love your picture choices!! so pretty!

  5. OMG! It sounds like this photographer is perfect for you! :) Book that lady up! HAHA And these photos... I'm DYING for your versions. They're going to be so cute!!!!

  6. I love your wedding photography inspiation! I didn't think like that when talking to my photographer so we missed out on some shots I would have liked. We didn't even get any portraits of the hubby and me. I may have cried a bit over it.

  7. I especially like the picture with the bridesmaids in the mirror - very creative! Congratulations on your engagement =)

  8. I love the description you used (I might still it *one day*) haha and all of the ideas for pictures--super cute, and they capture the day in so many different but memorable ways!

  9. I have always loved the pictures that area not staged and are just natural. The ones you have no idea the photog even took.


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