May 24, 2012

TT: What My 20s Have Taught Me!

You know you wanna boozebags!

The past few days have been doozies, so today's drink is a hard one.
[ONE not on....keep it classy peeps]


Yesterday, one of my good friends had this link on her gchat status and it totally spoke to me!

Did you READ IT!?!?

DID YOU GASP at every.single.line and think
"wow I knew that one?"

Ok, fine.


There are SO many I wish I had known back in the early years.
So many wasted tears and so much wasted time worrying.

I honestly can't believe I will be entering a new decade next year,
but I truly have learned SO MUCH in my twenties.

While I can't go back in time, I can list out what I WISH I knew then.

1} If he doesn't call, he's not interested. Don't make excuses for him or analyze the last conversation. Men are easy, they'll go after something they are interested in.

2} Learn and use proper grammar even in texts. Lazy is as lazy does and you DON'T want to send a work email with LOLs, SMH, OMGs.

3} Pretentious people will never change. Sadly, you can't change them, so you must learn to deal with them.

4} LIKE HEALTHY FOODS! Learn to LOVE THEM! You will not be able to maintain the diet of a package of oreos, scoop of ice cream and Doritos for lunch and NOT gain weight.

5} You will NEVER get your college body back, but don't give up. You can be the fittest __ age, but you HAVE to work for it now.

6} Groups of friends come and go. It's sad to lose friends but often they are replaced by even better people.

7} Don't let the Ahole in college who broke your heart have the last word. BREAK YOUR WALLS down yourself, don't MAKE someone do it for you.

8} Someone is always prettier, better, smarter, and luckier. Deal with it but don't covet it. You are MORE blessed than you know.

9} Be nicer to your sisters because they will become your BESTFRIENDS! Allow them the SAME time to grow up that you had. Embrace the sisterly bond that so FEW people get.

10} Learn to say NO! No to relationships, no to dates, no to activities, no to commitments and NO to drama.

11} You will have crazy nights where you do crazy things. Own them and learn from the craziness if possible. Just know that you will be teased for the shenanigans you participate in.

12} STRETCH before and after EVERY workout, game, activity and WARM UP! Your body will thank you and you won't have shin splits impeding your physical activity.

13} Start buying grown up clothes sooner. Yes, Payless and Forever XVI prices are awesome, but the quality NOT SO MUCH. Nine West shoes last forever and well made tops don't fall apart.

14} Start investing ASAP! Even if it's only $100, the sooner you start the MORE money you will make.


16} Don't waste so much time in front of the TV or comp. Go out and make memories or get ahead for the next day. TV is a trap, don't let it catch you.

17} Go after EVERYTHING you want. Regret is a bitter bitter pill to swallow, especially as young as 30. The world is your oyster, but you HAVE to work to get the pearl.

18} When in doubt, DANCE IT OUT!

19} Talk to your parents and grandparents as much as possible. Yes, sometimes older people can be annoying but you will be devastated when they are no longer around. MAKE THE PHONE CALL!

20} You will THINK you know what love is early on, but trust me you don't. One day you will fully understand the meaning and the word. EMBRACE it!

21} You will have your heart broken and you will break hearts. DON'T take out your broken heart feelings on someone else.
Be kind even if they weren't to you.

22} You can SLEEP when you're dead. Enjoy life while you can.

23} Don't worry BE HAPPY! Life is to short sweetie, enjoy the present before you worry about the future. Worrying just leads to lines on your face. If God brings you to it, He'll get you through it.


So what do you think?!?! You agree or disagree?!?!?

All you young guns reading, TRUST THIS LIST!
You  may think I'm cray-cray now, but just wait.

Happy Thursday loves!


  1. So true, so wise! Love this list! Especially eating healthy, investing now and saying no! Have a blessed Thursday!

  2. I LOVE this post - all of these words of wisdom are so true!!!


  3. Too cute! I like this! Granted - I'm loyal to F21 - wearing a F21 dress for work today - and on a business call as well! I will have to stay with it until the fiance graduates medical school and then maybe I can buy some Nine West shoes:)Until I gotta dress cute & support both of us!

  4. I love it! I love when it doubt dance it out!

  5. What a great post! I totally wish I knew (or followed) these back in the day. Heck, some of them I still need reminders on haha.

  6. Great post, Pinky! I can absolutely relate to each and every thing you said. The article so true too. Some of the items I'm still figuring out haha but better now then never :)

  7. These are such amazing things to tell your young self!!! :)

  8. I LOVE THIS. I think I'll write one for next week's HH linkup - great idea!

  9. Your post contains a lot of wisdom.

  10. I read the post and I love your list!

  11. #18 is my fav :)
    okay this is all awesome! i love this.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing these lists! I can totally relate to many of these but a few that stick out are #13 and #14 on your list.


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