May 14, 2012

Mother's Day, Fashion and a Funny!

Happy Monday loves!

I hope your week has started off wonderfully.

I personally, am exhausted from a mega packed and fun weekend and still feel a teeny bit groggy this morning.

Luckily, I'm wearing my NEW green top to work and LOVING it.
What do you think?
Cotton Candy top from Red Dress Boutique

The top is a little flowey-er (isthataword?) than expected, but I'm learning.

I wanted to wear my new pink shoes today too, however, they MAY BE a little
bit toooooooooo bright.
did I just say that!?!?!
Shoes from Red Dress Boutique
I think I'll sport them with jeans and a top this week.

Anyway, let's RECAP the weekend quickly.

Saturday was all about kickball, with 2 scrimmages then a team BBQ.

I learned how to play SlapCup, which is my NEW favorite drinking game. A little bit rough when you don't drink beer, but I was a CHAMP!

Sadly, the CAPS sucked on Saturday night and lost game 7, so no more playoff cheering for Pinky. I AM MEGA pissed, they were awful and just gave the game away. UGH!

The Brady Bunch had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend. The sissys decided to cook a delicious brunch for our Mama after church, so prepping began early Sunday morning.

I found THIS delicious French Toast recipe from smitten kitchen and it was fab.
I had to tweak the cooking time a teeny bit, but other than that good recipe.
BabySpice and I have been obsessed with wanting to try THIS Gordon Ramsay recipe for a brunch, so we said, why not this weekend.

We didn't do the croissant part, just the eggs and cooked them a little longer than he does.

To that we added a fruit salad, farmer's market bacon and of course mimosas.
Special lady of honor
Oh, I MUST show you the AWESOME card Babyspice got for me to give to Mama B!
ME to the TEEEE!

After brunch we hung out, then it was off to play tennis, followed by a 7-11 Slurpee :)! We continued family time with Wii Sports Plus games and shenanigans then topped the evening off with a light dinner before a 10pm soccer game!
WOLF I know!

We won (WHOOP) and BabySpice and I were able to each get a goal for MAMA B who decided to come watch us play.
Isn't that the most precious thing ever?
[it does make for some cringetastic moments though, ie cursing after a bad play then automatically looking around to see if she heard me...ooooooosssp!]

All in all I had a great weekend, now tell me about yours!!!

Since it's Monday, I thought I'd share a funny
to get your week going with smile!
[dear blond friends, PLEASE don't take offense, this was sent to me this way. kloveyou!]

During a recent password audit by a company, it was found that an employee was using the following password:


When asked why she had such a long password,
the blond rolled her eyes and said:
"Hello! It has to be at least 8 characters long and include at least one capital."


  1. LOVE the top! Good choice with the it!
    Yay for awesome mamma!
    That password story is hilarious. I wonder how long it took her to put it in every time!

  2. That French Toast looks to die for! I've been craving that lately so we may be having breakfast for dinner one night this week! :) Glad y'll had a great weekend!!!

  3. That shirt is so cute! And I LOVE the shoes! So bright... and so you! :)

    As for the joke... BAHAHAHAHA! I love it. So much. Seriously. Made my Monday.

  4. Are your new hot pink shoes flats? If so, I need those! Love!

    And I'm so stealing your french toast recipe there. At the resort we stayed at they had these french toast roll up things, dee-licious! So now I'm craving all things french toast!

  5. Those pink shoes are to die for! I want I want..and I love the top too!

  6. Look at you Love the top! & Im not a huge fan of french toast but that looks yummy!

  7. Hey, I'm blonde. I resent that! Haha j/k I just laughed out loud on that one!! That top looks so FIERCE on you!

  8. Your blogs and its stuff magnetize me to return again n again. Salwar kameez online


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