March 6, 2012

Health, Help, Happy

Good morning pumpkins....ooorrrr spring flowers. Happy Tuesday to y'all, hope it's been a great one so far. We have beautiful sunshine over here so I really am not complaining.

Breakfast this morning was this delicious nugget of an egg mcmuffin! I found the recipe on the Blogilates website and had to try it. Ladies like me who are super rushed in the morning should TOTALLY check into making these. SUPER easy and pretty delicious.

Quick list of Ingredients:
Bell pepper
Basil ( I used Rosemary because that's what I have on hand)

Head over to Casey's blog to get the rest of the recipe, but this is what they look like when done.
YUM in my TUMTUM! One word of advice, don't use the paper liners, they are too hard to spray with Pam. I would suggest just spraying the tin it's self and then pour in the eggs + mixture.

Moving on....

Ladies, I need your help. My car is dieing and I MUST get a new one by the end of the month. I've been looking and looking and wasn't sure what I wanted. After weeks of perusing and test driving I've narrowed it down to two different cars. TWO EXTREMELY DIFFERENT CARS! Two cars sooooooo different that I don't know WHAT I WANT!

So please help a sister out........

Choice Numero UNO:
BEHOLD: the gorgeous Nissan Altima two door coupe
Super seksi design, rawr
LOVE the color
Fun and fast
Similar to car I have now

GAS mileage not so bueno
2 door = not friend/family friendly
C and Sportyspice say it needs to be a MANUAL for this model
(because I won't have STREET bad, didn't know I was living in a FAST AND FURIOUS movie....oooooooooooh that would be NICE)
I drive with a lead foot already, this would not help. Daddy says he would have a betting pool for the date of my first ticket...thanks a lot buck-o

Choice Numero DOS:

BEHOLD: the classy and ECONOMICAL Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

If driven correctly, 40 mpg. So long sky rocketing gas prices
Very sleek design for a Hybrid
Has super fun screen that shows when I am using the engine or the battery
Decent pick up and go and speed
4 doors so friend/family friendly

The get up and go is good, but not NEARLY as awesome as the V6 Nissan
Feels like the practical kind of boring
Daddy says I'm more of a 2-door car girl personality wise
Sleek but not seksi

There you have it ladies, help me out and give me your opinions one and all.....keep it clean though...

Lastly I finally joined the FLAT club....well, I'm already small chested...but I MEAN FLAT shoes. I am a heels girl through and through. Being 5' 3" (or 2 according to the sisters, lame) I am fortunate enough to be able to rock the 4"+ shoes to my hearts desire. Except NOW when my shins are being stupid. Many of my gorgie heels haven't seen the pavement in quite some time, and that has impacted my work wardrobe.

My name is Pinky and I've been a bum at work. But that all changes now. Thanks to DSW and my 4 pairs of new flats! I heart them all but my favs are the watermelon ones. They look less red/orange in real life. Thanks a lot IPHIZZLE photos!
Pretty right?!?! Please tell me they are worth the $X of money I paid...thanks!
That's all for today. I hope the rest of your day is fabulous! Mine is flying by and I am super excited because it's HAIR SALON DAY!!! My roots are out of the world horrible so time for some COLOR!!!

Should be smiling, but thought I was a!?!?
Make today WONDERFUL PEEPS!!!! xoxo


  1. I am milking the miles on my car until it dies...I need a new one DESPERATELY but I'm still a scaredy cat of a car payment (I've never had one before) So until mine is completely dead & will go no more then I'll get a new one haha! Happy hunting tho! Any of those are great choices!

  2. Ahh I like them both! I would go with the gas saver though!

  3. I'd go with the 4 door gas saver...I have a black car and although it's beautiful it's a PAIN to keep clean and is never that black beauty you started with. Also, you'll have this car for a long long time and you wouldnt want to load kids into a 2 door... ya know? or a dog, or extra people at that. Good luck!

  4. Fist - those look so yummy! As for the car, I LOVE the second one! :) and those shoes are SO CUTE! I wear flats at work too... I run around too much! HAHA :) Have fun getting your hair did tonight!

  5. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!!

  6. I say so for the sexy car!! I had no idea you were as short as me! haha it is a blessing & a curse!

  7. Yum the egg muffins look scrumptious! And yay for converting to flats. I'm a flats girl myself :)

    Nice choices with the cars. It will be a tough decision for sure. While I'm not a fan of 2 door cars the Nissan is one hot little thing! The Hyundai may be more convenient and functional though. Can't wait to see what you decide :)

  8. Was I supposed to be able to see your roots in that last pic? Cuz I can't tell! My parents have a Sonata and they LOVE it. I rode in it and was like " Dang, am I in a Lexus?". Altima's are super nice too, but I don't like high mpg's. (This is hilarious since I am driving a V-8 full size GMC Jimmy on 34's right now. No joke)

  9. Mmmmmmm...I'm drooling! That looks so yummy! And thanks so much for becoming a Rosebud. :) )


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