March 27, 2012

Guest Posting at Going the Distance

Good morning kids! It's a chilly one here on the east coast, boot camp was CRAZY COLD this morning.

Today I'm guest posting over on Miss JennJenn's blog.

She's in Jamica right now.

I am PISSYPANTS at her right now!

Head on over to her lil piece of the Internet now and check out my ridiculous post.

Want a hint?!?!?!?!?!:
"I'm Not Here for Your Entertainment!"

I PROMISE you won't be disappointed!!!


  1. your guest post makes me love you even more! HAHA We need to meet so we can shake it together!!! Probably the biggest reason why I don't like to go clubbing anymore is because of the creepers!!!!!!!! They should have woman only sections! HAHA

  2. Love it! Have you ever seen the Dane cook comedy thing about women and dancing?! if not let me know I will enlighten your life ;)


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