March 12, 2012

Baubles, Blog, Balls

Happy daylight saving time..............SIKE!

Ugh, ewwww, why do we do this?!?!

Moving on....

This was a packed weekend and we lost an hour, ai yi yi...

Again, moving on.

Friday before leaving work I found this NEW fun website for jewelry. Behold BaubleBar

Do yourself a favor and check this site out. I ordered some pretty pink jewelry for a much cheaper price than expected. There are some pricey things on the site, but a lot of the costume jewelry is decently priced. Let me know what you think!

Hold the phone, did you look to the right of the blog and SEE this???
101 SAY WHAT!?!?
My lil ol blog finally reached 100 followers, wowy zowy! I promised a give away and will be doing one later this week! YAY!
Lastly, this weekend I became an old lady. I now have my OWN bowling ball, bowling bag and shoes.
I know, send me the AARP card now why don't you.
Quick back story. C loves to bowl. Like LOVES it. So I gave him the best birthday present ever back in January. I told him I would buy him his OWN ball to go with the new bag and towel I got him for Christmas.
He decided Saturday was the day to get a new bowling ball. Originally he was going to buy one online but because he wanted the holes drilled correctly. I had NO idea where to go for this, however he remembered a shop near his old home. We walked in not knowing what to expect, but what we got was AMAZING service. The guys were so knowledgeable and HILARIOUS at the same time.
Somehow going to buy C a bowling ball turned into both of us walking out with a new ball, pair of shoes and a BAG!
Those salesmen are GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD right?!!?
You can GUESS what my weekend was full of. And let me just say, I'm rockin it OUT now!
Winner winner chicken DINNER!
Say hello to the newest member of my family, name to be determined

Making bowling look stylish

Can you say old lady?!?!

Phew, if you have made it this far, congrats. You completed one of the most random posts to date. I hope you have a great Monday, even though we lost an hour this weekend....

Come on Pinky, I said moooooooooooooooooving on!!!!!


  1. OMG! I love your old lady accessories! We should go bowling! HAHA And I will totally steal your ball because it's ADORABLE!

    Chocolate cake shot? YUMMY! With the number of shots I did on Saturday, you'd think I would have tried that... BUT I didn't! HAHA

  2. yipppeeee to 100 followers!! although i'm not surprised -you have an awesome blog! :) and what a fun night. i've never had a chocolate cake shot - looks yummy!

    SO TIRED from DST.....why?!?! ;)

  3. LOVE that you celebrated with Miss Jenn and LOVE chocolate cake shots - delicious!! Congrats on 100 followers!!! (or should I say 101?) :)

  4. Yay for 100 followers! A Chocolate Cake shot? Seriously, OMG. Must try! My favorite local bar makes a grape Tootsie Roll Pop shot. It's awesome! And I'm totally digging your new bowling shoes. Who knew they made them so stylish!

  5. Congrats on 100 followers!! I love love Chocolate cake shots! That bowling ball is sessy!!

  6. i reached 100 followers today too! made my heart feel warm and fuzzy!

    also, daylight savings blows. at least this one does. the other one where we get an extra hour is just my favorite!

    happy monday!
    xx jes

  7. Hey, I can't help it--people kept buying me drinks and shots. Shots shot shots shots! (is the song playing in your head yet??)
    Was so glad you came out with the Boo! Yay!
    Also, MG LOVES to bowl. We both are not so great but we love it. We should totes do a double date!! (I have my own ball and shoes too, so Ill join you with the AARP card lol)
    LOVES YA!!!!

  8. Loving your bowling shoes!!! Way better than the ones at the alley! :)

  9. I forgot to say earlier, Happy 100+ followers! Not that I'm surprised...I think everyone else can see how amazeballs you are :)


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