May 20, 2014


Oh was it a Monday, over here in pinkland. 

I can't say much, but there was a shift at work. 

A very, unexpected shift, that no one really saw coming.

Or, we saw it coming, but not as abruptly as it did. 

Things will probably be a bit crazy for a bit,
since we're in the 'triage' phase,
as I've termed it. 

Hopefully it will be an easy transition
and hopefully no other big changes will be
heading my way.

But, it did make me sit back and think.

And sit back and realize what TRULY is important.

In general and in life.

At work. 

In social circles.

And how we only get O N E life to live. 

So, we better live a good one. 

If you are truly miserable at your job, and have the means
to find a  new one, DO IT!

If you deal with constant negativity because of a situation
or because of a person, remove the negativity.

If you find yourself snacking on bad food, donate
the junk food and only buy healthy. 

If you can't find enough time to get things done,
unplug the tv or cancel your cable. 

If you want to get in better shape, say no to the cookie
and go get a workout in instead. 

 We humans seem to complicate the business of living
and sometimes something comes around and
smacks us in the face. 

 I know I'm thinking twice about decisions,
possiblities for moves, new jobs and the company I keep,
because honestly, life is TOO SHORT
to be anything but happy. 

 ***disclaimer: I know that some people are financially strapped or in truly, dysfunctional situations, so this is not intended or aimed at you, in anyway. I'm just trying to say that if you have the power and ability to change things you don't like in life, DO IT! Or if you have an opportunity, TAKE IT!***


  1. Agree with this post 100%.I stayed at my job (that I hated) much longer than I should have, and it made me miserable every single day while I was there. Life has improved significantly since I left - as you know:) Hoping everything is ok with you, sweet friend. And praying that you are able to do what makes you happy!

  2. Love you and praying constantly for you and what God has laid out for your future. Keep strong and know you are there for a reason.

  3. I have this print in my home (gift from babbling brookelyn) and look at it every day. I love your message here.

  4. I couldn't agree more. Life IS too short to waste it on people, work, things that don't suit your life or aren't productive for it.

  5. absolutely. i agree with everything, and i really needed to see this today! last year i was at an absolutely horrible job and pretty much hated my life. i finally got the guts to leave and it was the best thing ever. but i need to do the same and kick the cookies and junk to the curb and start eating better and working out more. thanks love!

  6. Amen Sister! Totally agree with everything you said above. Especially the job one. My last job was terrible, I stayed as long as I had to (I was pregnant at the time and kind of locked in) but, everyone around me was completely miserable... but never did anything about it. Only you can change your life... and you only get one, make it great!

  7. Girl I completely agree with you! Ain't nobody got time for that!

    <3 Shannon

  8. I love this so very much! I hope everything is ok at work!!!!!

  9. i love, love, love this. is you're not satisfied actively work to make positive changes.

  10. "If you are truly miserable at your job, and have the means to find a new one, DO IT!" Yes. This is why I started looking... and I'm so glad I found something. I feel like we don't have a right to complain about something if we're just sitting around and not doing anything to make it more agreeable.

  11. I have so been there when stuff is about to go down at work. Somehow I always figure it out beforehand and so I'm sitting there waiting for weeks for people to be fired. Then when it does and everyone starts freaking out, I'm just sitting there shaking my head.


  12. This is so tru! I wish people would stop being so negative and focus on the positives in life.


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