June 6, 2012


Do you suffer from FOMO?!!?

The Fear Of Missing Out?!?

To be 100% honest, I believe I suffer from FOMO pretty often.

I am sure FOMO was around when I was younger, but now that there are
028402384023 bazillion million
different SOCIAL networks to be a part of,
I feel this FOMO has increased ten fold.

People post pictures EVERYWHERE!
Email {who writes emails?!?!}

The ability to access ALL of the social networks by phone, only enhances this FOMO culture.

So while you're at a concert, you can check on your friends at the beach.
At the beach you can see what people are doing at their homes.
At your house, you can see WHAT people are doing on their vacations.

While you're doing this, you AREN'T IN THE MOMENT
and enjoying WHAT you are doing

Before you jump down my throat,
YES I know I am PART of this 'lookatme' culture.

I have a blog
a twitter, pinterest and facebook account.
I own this fact 100%!

And, to be honest I DON'T have a problem with social media.

I see the value in the advertising
and how easy it now is
for people to Keep In Touch
with family and friends so far away.

But, to me, this also comes at a
FOMO co$t

While trying to remember to take pictures when participating
at an event,
you stop participating
and start capturing.

I'm ALL for preserving memories in pictures.
[ if I could ONLY find the time and
motivation to make albums with my pictures]
{nother story, nother day}

Yet, I HATE the constant need
I feel to post pictures to twitter.
Or grab them for my blog.

I also hate the GREEN MONSTER that comes out
when I see everyone else's life.

I'm very content with where I am
But, witnessing all the FUN other people are having
[without me]
makes me jealous.

How does one get rid of FOMO!?!?

Does that mean getting rid of social media?
No more facebook or twitter?!!
No more blog reading?!?!?

Hecks to the FRICK NO!
I <3 my blog
and my blog friends.

But, maybe I DON'T need to access blogs
or facbook from my phone.

I want to be more PRESENT in my life.

I don't want to WISH my life was someone else's
WISH I could get moments back.

I am challenging myself to delete my facebook app
from my iphone this week.
[Hopefully I will be able to keep the app gone
and not immediatly redownload later in the day week.]

What do y'all think?

Do you feel pressured to SHOW everyone your life?
If you want to, how do you plan to keep from
letting FOMO run your life?!?!


  1. I totally agree with your post. Sometimes I like having those things around when I'm bored, but on the other hand I find myself checking them more frequently. I still don't full "get" Twitter,so I'm not on that all the time, but the other stuff, I'm totally guilty of.
    Kudos to you for even thinking of deleting the fb app. I know I couldnt do it! :)

  2. We stopped using smart phones and this almost immediately solved that problem. And while I do now possess an iPhone, it will never have service, and only works at home, so it's still not an issue. I use it to read and take photos for the most part.

  3. Amen! But I do what I do for me and no one else!

  4. I definitely get this sometimes! More so with people I know in real life on Facebook than people I know through blogging or Twitter. If someone is telling a funny story and I wasn't there for it, I just don't really want to laugh because I missed the joke originally. You know what I mean?
    I agree with you though on needing to be more present in our own lives!

  5. Totally agree with this!!! I've been contemplating deleting my fbook all together... but then I get scared. HAHAHAHHAHA Good luck my friend!!

  6. This is so true! I always think about this. We are now a society who doesn't care to DO things we just care to SHOW people that we are doing things. And I'm definitely part of that horribleness.

  7. Ugh I most definitely suffer from FOMO! I'm caught up in social media. I love sharing and communicating and meeting new people (especially through the blog world) but sometimes you have to sit back and just enjoy life instead of worrying about getting a picture of every single aspect. This is definitely something I need to work on. Thanks for this simple reminder :)

  8. This is definitely true for me! I get fussed at all the time for being on FB when Im out or checking on things or having to take pics for Instagram when I could just be enjoying myself.

  9. yes, LOVE this. I try super hard to "be more present" these days. and FOMO....love it! And I DEF have it. And then I spread myself too thin cause Im worn out and no good for ANYONE, so this was one awesome post!!!!

  10. I had FOMO in college like WHOAH. I was everywhere and never got any sleep haha. It's a miracle that I did so well in college. Now I only get jealous of my friends in Florida because I miss my beaches. I don't use my phone for any of that, so short of sending a photo here and there, I think I've got it in check ;) Proud of you for working on this too!


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