June 8, 2012

Confession Friday's Letters: Linkitup

These are my
I confess. . . I SPIT out my coffee when I read *THIS* post by Raven...I mean her son, Gunner. If you want a laugh check it out, but MAKE SURE you aren't drinking anything!

I confess. . . I almost screamed and ran the other way when I walked up to my car from the store yesterday. The driver's seat was pulled farther forward than usual and at first glance I thought someone was IN MY CAR. Luckily, I did a double take and saved myself from embarrassment.

I confess. . . there is a slight case of baby fever going on in my head. It's NOT MY FAULT, I've just been around too many adorable little children recently. I saw my Fresh Prince and Princess Kate last weekend and then Wednesday I visited a sweet one week old baby. SO PRECIOUS!
My Fresh Prince
Princess Kate is SOOO BIG!
Meet lil MAYMAY! One week old Tuesday!
  I confess. . . I haven't deleted the Facebook app on my iPhone #fail

I confess. . . The blog world makes me so happy! I heart you all <3!

I'm also linking up for Friday's Letters
Dear Friday: You took way too long this week, don't let it happen again THANKS! Dear Kickballers: This weekend is a big tournament, I expect NOTHING less than coming home as champs! WE GOT THIS! Dear Sissys: So excited all three of us will be on the field together Saturday. We are gonna have a blast, but we need to remember it's not ALL about us [psh who am I kidding, it totally is] Dear Le Beau: Thank you in advance for driving and for sharing a room with the three B ladies, I LOVE YOU! Dear Janna and Jaime: I am 2304830284 kinds of excited for our blate! Dear Brain: Stop thinking about cute cuddley babies! Yes, they are adorable, but let's try the whole engaged/married/living with a hubby deal first...FOR REAL! Dear Bishes: Kickball is the ISH! Get on board mmmmkkkkay!?!?


  1. Those babies are so freaking cute!! No wonder u have baby fever:) Happy Friday, love!

  2. Babies babies babies....they're cute when they're not yours and you can give them back haha jk (kinda) :)
    I jumped 3 times on my walk to work this morning cuz of weird noises or people behind me. So, I feel you on the being scared/car front!

  3. OMG the babies are a-dorable! Too cute. And that's so funny about your car. When I first got the Equinox I almost had a heart attack after coming out of work not being able to find the old Cavalier. I seriously started to sweat when I realized I have my new car Blond moment :)

  4. My kickball league starts in July! Can't wait to biff it everytime I'm up to the plate.

  5. OMG! Raven's post had me laughing so hard! SO FUNNY! :)

    It's ok that you have baby fever. Admission - I do too. :S

    Love you! Happy weekend friend!!

  6. enjoyed your confessions! the blog world makes me happy, too :) found you via the link up xo

  7. I keep randomly getting baby fever, but luckily it's over other peoples children. Still not ready for my own. Haha.


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