June 25, 2012

Remember When......

Do you remember...

....when skinned knees, walking or riding to the bfs house and non broken crayon were the biggest worries?

....30 seemed light years away?

......the college boyfriend WAS the man you planned to marry?

....when you broke your first heart?

...when your sisters became your best friends?

...when $10 was a fortune?

...when a paper box became a rocket ship that could take you anywhere?

...your college body?

...skipping class to go lay out by the lake just because?

...when your college 'best friend' screwed you over for her sorority?

...the year your dad was in Korea?

...thinking the world is a happy place?

...when being hurt meant only physically?

...meeting the LOVE of your life?

...melted Popsicles on a hot day on the hammock?

...the ski trip to Winter Park?

...how fun youth group sessions and trips were?

...when you thought kickball was stupid?

...when you could eat ice cream 2X a day and not gain a pound?

...getting your first paycheck?


<3 LIVE <3


  1. Love! I can relate to many of these, they make me smile :)

  2. i hate to copy Holly's comment but i totally related to so many of these too. i was nodding my head "yes" at my desk! haha unique post!

  3. I definitely planned on marrying my college BF. He was a great person, but I didn't even really know what love was yet ;) Oh how simple life used to be! I strive to maintain simplicity still, though. It's sooo much more peaceful than getting caught up in the hustle and bustle!


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