June 15, 2012

What's Linkups got to do w/a lil Menage

That's right kids, we have a lil threesome action going on here.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeesh, can't take you anywhere can I?

I'm linking up with three of my FAVORITE Friday linkups, enjoy!

****************THESE ARE MY CONFESSIONS**********************
The pump up song last weekend for the three B ladies was THIS...

I was a complete good person fail on Wednesday. While leaving the grocery store I saw a very old man pushing a cart. I slowed and thought about offering to help, but didn't for fear I would embarrass him. But, I watched by my car, for 5 minutes while he loaded his car. I should have offered and I'm so sad I didn't. Lesson learned.

There is an upgrade going on at my work this week and I am using the extra time to read new blogs and write blog posts. Shhhhh, I'll get to documentation later.

Bootcamp restarted this week and I missed both sessions. I was way too sore on Tuesday and still wasn't feeling it Thursday. I need to get my motivation back.

I 10000% GEEKED out when a kickball video was on ESPN's Around the Horn this week. Kickball is serious y'all, sorry I'm not sorry for playing.

I maaaaaaaaaaaaay be meeting up with this sassyfrassyshmashtastic lady Saturday. FINGERS CROSSED!

Oh, guess I forgot to tell you I spur of the moment booked a trip for a kickball tournament this weekend. For the SOLE reason I LOVE and ADORE my boyfriend. #sucker #inlove

Dear Body: You have another tournament on Saturday with only 1 sub. Get your head and body straight. Dear Bank Account: I know I said I was gonna stay on a budget, but well life happens. I will learn to budget properly, but right now trips that won't ever happen again are popping up. Dear Janna: It was so amazing meeting you last weekend. I miss you tons already. And I'm sorry I failed for your budget link up. Promise to do better! Dear KSU: PLEASE win this weekend so Le Beau [and I] can travel to watch you next weekend. Dear Sportyspice: Can't wait to paint this weekend, time for a change WAHINK! Dear Life: YOU ARE AMAZING! LOVERS YOU!

I'm linking up with my girl SHANSHAN for Fun Photo Fridays.
Me and the BFFER T
This time 2 years ago we were in SIESTA KEYS, FL! We took a bff vacay and it was glorious! Such a fun time tanning, swimming, being lazy, going to Rays games, partying, drinking and beaching. We visited one of her best guy friends and he was an awesome host.
Wish we could go back, I really love FLORIDA!



  1. Wow, so many things, I dunno what to comment on first! So, I will just say: YAY FOR FRIDAY! :)

  2. So much fun stuff. Kickball, the beach, trips, life happening, FRIDAY!

  3. So much good stuff!!! :) I say kickball tournaments count as exercise for a whole week!! HAHAHAHAHAH

  4. Good luck with the kickball tournament this weekend! Kick some booty!

    And I love that you and your bff did a vacation together. I need to talk to my bestie about doing something like that.

  5. Happy Friday!!!! Love me some Madagascar....

  6. Hey There! Found you via Confessional Friday!

    Oh my 'lanta, I love me some Marty afro dance! Cracks me up!

    And I completely feel you on trying to find motivation for working out. Why can't this just be easy?! ;)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    [ LIFE OF MEG ]

  7. hahahaha i try and use every extra second i have at work to catch up on blogs! have a great weekend!!!


  8. so bummed we never got to meet :( next time for sure!! can't wait to read about your trip to ATL though!!



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