June 22, 2012


...Life has been moving so fast paced. Seriously, how is it almost JULY!?!

...Kickball is consuming my life. 3 weekends in June all devoted to the awesome sport and my team. It's great to see everyone, but I will be happy when I DON'T have to double check if something fun conflicts with kickball.

...Lunchtime has been creeping closer and closer to 2pm. Need to work on that because I get a headache.

...Work has been zapping everything good out of me. I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

...Reading has taken a back seat to TV. This needs to change ASAP

...I've been picturing me and C together forever in the future. The whole getting married, babies, moving, isn't freaking me out as much.

...I've been falling off the Gretchen of RHOC bandwagon. She just seems SOOO fake, yuck!

...Workouts at the gym have fallen by the wayside. Why do I pick the summer to be lazy?!?!

...Pictures aren't being taken at any event I attend. I bring my camera, but never take it out of my purse. Come back photogbug, COME BACK!!!!

...I've had this strange obsession  with ballet aka Bunheads and Breaking Pointe.

...Even though I'm ready for the future with my man, the THOUGHT of planning a wedding freaks me out. Like almost full on panic attack when I think of EVERYTHING that would have to be done. YO CLO, girl you gotta fly here and help me out mmmmkkkkaaaay?!?!?

...I've been thinking about all of the wonderful relationships I've been able to cultivate because of this teeny piece of the Internet. To all my sweet fun friends, I LOVE you to the moon and back <3!

Happy Happy Happy Friday to you all!


  1. i'm in my workout clothes right now, determined to hit the gym! summer's for fun :) don't forget to check out my $50 gift card giveaway!

  2. Sounds like you've been busy--you need some you time! I'm happy that you found a great guy and are beginning to picture/plan a future with him : )

  3. Obsessed with Breaking Pointe and excited to see where Bunheads goes!

  4. im falling off the gretchen train too...i dont like alexis but gretchen is her bff and shouldve stuck up for her, so that was strike one and now shes just bugging me. and she is fake. havent u seen her w/o makeup? shes like a whole another person! how long have you and your man been together??

    happy friday lover! xo

  5. I'm glad you are getting used to the idea of having a future with your beau ;) If you are freaked out by a wedding- elope! Haha. Don't let work get the best of you!!

  6. You have NO IDEA how excited me reading that you are picturing your life with C. SO CUTE!! :) I am totally getting hired as your wedding planner.

    And like Janna above me says... elope. To Minnie. Perfect.

  7. I love YOU, dearie doo! Try not to let work get ya down...but I know how hard that is!
    Yay for the future not freaking you out...wooopp!!!


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