June 27, 2012

I'm JUST [thAt] GIRL

Ha, bet you NOW have NO DOUBT stuck in your head don't you?!?!?
[sorry I'm not sorry] 

I heard their song on the radio the other day
and while squawking singing aloud in the car
it made me think about the meaning behind her song.

I'm JUST a GIRL!?!?!

PishPosh applesause,
I'm a GIRL,
I'm the GIRL,
{when I say I, I want you to say it too}

I know that Gwen was joking by singing,
Making a parody of WHAT people think girls
should and shouldn't do.

I'm all for equality and stretching the female limits.
But I'm also for being the clumsy girl that makes oops.
The GIRL who stands up for what she believes in.
I'm a girl who is a complex contradiction
but thrives on the junxtaposition.
 And honestly, I don't apologize for being THAT GIRL, because that girl is ME!
Source: dvdtalk.com via Alan on Pinterest

Okay, I'm not ^that^ girl, but I often am THAT girl....

You know THAT GIRL........

That is 30 next year but STILL gets carded for drinks.

That LOVES anything PINK, even dirt.

That despises LOL SMH ROFL but says DELISH TOTES MOST DEF.

That loves heels and wears them despite the fact they mess up her shins.

That stands by her teams, no matter WHAT anyone says.

That is fiercely independent but is looking forward to having a husband to 'take care of her'.

That loves fresh flowers every day of the week.

That freaks out when walking in the dark outside.

That HATES snakes, feet and clowns.

That wears skirts and shorts that are A LITTLE too short for her age, but doesn't care.

That plays travel kickball.

That does her best to listen, but tends to get distracted quickly.

That often will speak before she thinks.

That is a complex mix of wanting to do God's will, but still thinks she's in charge.

That JAMS out in the car everyday when driving.

That still owns makeup from high school.

That quotes Disney movies with her sisters NON STOP.

That can't have ANY color but pink on her toes.

That longs for a family and children but LOVES getting hammered and sleeping in on weekends.

That longs to be INSPIRED at work.

That SUCKS at the rules of grammar HELP!

That puts EMOJIS in her contact's names.

That considers her family as the cool kids.

That judges people too quickly, then regrets the bad thoughts.

Who's bark is worse than her bite.

So yes, GWEN, I'm just a girl and THAT girl
What are your thoughts GIRLS!?!?!?
Are you THAT girl
and more importantly


  1. That longs for a family and children but LOVES getting hammered and sleeping in on weekends.

    Hahaha right on.

  2. Absolutely! Every girl should be proud of who they are & embrace it all!

  3. Love it! Always stand by your terms and never let anyone make you feel bad for it!!

  4. Love everything about this post! I'm with you, girl! :)

  5. We all need to embrace that we are "that girl", because it's what makes us...us!! xoxoxo love you!!

  6. I just have to say... I LOVE the girl that wrote this post. :)


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