November 1, 2010

Mighty Monday

This is my first ‘Might-y Monday’ post. I stoleSlashborrowed this idea from the adorable Abby at babblyingabby because I thought it was a great play on words. Do yourself a favor and check out her blog.

Might-y Monday
1} I might have woken up late today

2} This means I might be dressed like a ragamuffin at work. Possibly including jeans, pumas, a sweater, no make up and crazy curly hair (check out WIWW to find out)

3} I might have eaten Cocoa Puffs for breakfast this morning

4} I might have check out blogs before my work email was up

5} I might have participated in my first ‘couple’s costume’ this weekend for Halloween

6} It might have been a little on the inappropriate side

7} I might have gone to lunch to get a salad and come back to the office with an authentic meatball sub

8} I might have just noticed a hole in my sweater while sitting at my desk

9} My room might look like a tornado plowed through it

10} I might have entertained the thought of skipping the gym today

11} My subconscious might have called me all kinds of names so I don’t

12} I might launch myself over my cubicle because my cube mate can’t eat lunch quietly and it is really gross

13} I might have gotten into a shouting/yelling match at my soccer game yesterday afternoon

14} I might have lost my temper for the first time and surprised most of the people on my team

15} I might have sent a disgruntle email to the head of the league last night

16} I might be super excited that I received my first COMMENTS on my blog last week :)

17} Super excited might be an understatement

18} I might be looking forward to C being out of town so I can take care of things at my apartment

19} I might be missing him already

20} I might be excited the holiday season is sooooooooooo close!

Happy Monday to you!


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