December 23, 2014

Currently and Year End Recap {July, August, September}


Reading - lots of books and blogs.
Anticipating - Christmas celebrations with my family and Christmas with Le Husband's family.
Buying - lunches [bad girl], lil last minute stocking stuffers
Praying - for travel mercies for everyone.
Listening - to the Christmas music on multiple stations.
Watching - the Nutcracker [on repeat], Home Alone, Elf, The Santa Clause & Muppet's Christmas Carol
Devouring cookies. I'm the cookie monster this season.
Loving - the joy and cheer of Advent. #christmasisthebest
Hating - the thought of soldiers overseas, without their loved ones.
Wanting - a LV neverfull #pleasesanta
Hoping - those less fortunate have a happy holiday season. 
Feeling - Joyful, content, excited and loved.
Wishing - Everyone a joyous and happy Christmas season.



Surprised everyone with my sneaky guest posts. I'm so thankful for all the beautiful ladies that helped me keep my vacation secret!

Visited Anchorage, Alaska where we stayed a night to begin our Alaskan adventure.

Visited Denali, Alaska where we saw Denali mountain, rode the Alaskan railway and rode ATVs.
Denali Mountain

amazing GIF courtesy of Babyspice

Cruised seven days through Alaska with my family and Le Husband. Most amazing vacation, ever.

Visited Icy Strait, Alaska where we zip lined, ate doughnuts, drank shots and saw totem poles.
That's my 88 year old grandfather zip lining.

Visited Juneau, Alaska where we hiked an unknown trail in the rain and I posted a dress review.

Visited Skagway, Alaska, where I rode in a helicopter, went on a dog sled ride and walked through town.

Playing with sled dogs on a glacier.

Visited Ketchikan, Alaska where we arctic snorkeled in beautiful water.
Snorkeling in the Arctic waters

Visited Vancouver, Canada where we saw the torch and walked around the beautiful city.

Finally took our Honeymoon in Banff, Canada! We stayed in a chalet, hiked multiple hikes, ate great food and enjoyed being a married couple. Canada was gorgeous and we loved our trip!

Spent my first weekend home after 16 days and 8 beds on the road.

Ran and ROCKED my first Spartan race.


Flew to Denver for a kickball tournament. Became an Eskimo for the weekend and loved my new team. Ate one of the best meals of my life, complete with my first amuse bouche.

I confessed about ridiculous copy cats [lame], ballet class and the DCC.

One weekend after flying to Denver, we flew to Nashville for another kickball tournament. This time we won and kicked some major butt ALL DAY! #operationcrush. Oh and we ate another delicious meal.

Wrote a post about myself and invited other women to see the good in who they are instead of the bad.

Had an 'above average' weekend.

Linked up with Erin for a fantastic FOOTBALL Post! #gocowboys #blueandsilver

Continued to ROCK it out at the gym.

I confessed about real life and the lack of perfection in my world.

Gave thanks for all the joys in my life, big and small!

My blog got a face lift! Erin did an amazing job and I LOVE it every day.

I confessed my anniversary confessions.

Posted my dream kitchens. Hint…white and glamour!

Celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! #365amazingdays #weddingcakefrozentastesamazing

Asked friends and family to describe me in five words.

Had the worst kickball tournament of my career and lost a bit of faith in myself as an athlete.

Blogged about my first ballet class and my new love of dance.

Celebrated Babyspice's birthday with a trampoline party.

Found myself back in time due to many different musical episodes.

Enjoyed the last whisper of summer.


  1. I can't believe your trip to Alaska was over the summer - it seems like it just happened!! I so hope Santa has been reading your blog because you totally would love the LV never full!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Love that you were able to squeeze in so much travel this year! And I am right there with you just devouring ALL the cookies this week - yum!
    xoxo B | The Sequin Notebook

  3. so busy--i love it!! great next part of your recap!

  4. Your Alaskan pictures are GORGEOUS! Definitely on my travel bucket list :)

    And I will co-sign the want of an LV Never Full!

    Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!

  5. Love all the travel!! Happy Holidays!!

  6. Oh Alaska!! I think your yoga pose the totem pole are my favs. Oh and the trampoline funness!! Wow what a great few months that was for you. And anniversary... so jealous!

  7. I love your Alaskan vacation photos! Looks like so much fun! I'm such a huge sissy about the cold that I don't think I could do it. My husband would love it tho!

  8. Your Alaska trip looks more and more amazing every time I see pictures!

  9. Seriously your pictures don't even look real they are so gorgeous!!!! The one where you are at the base of the mountain is so stunning!!!! I really want to go to Alaska now that looks like such an amazing trip!!!

  10. I've always wanted to go to Alaska! I'm so jealous it looks amazing.

  11. I always love seeing your Alaska pictures! And yes to devouring Christmas cookies - I just ate two for breakfast, oops. Tis the season!

  12. Your trampoline pics make me want to go back, we went to one recently and had a blast! Girl, I'm the cookie monster too! Merry Christmas :)

  13. Your Alaskan vacation looks beyond amazing! The pictures are so beautiful and you did so many cool things! I love all of your pictures from your anniversary! Where did you guys go out to eat?

  14. What a fantastic vacation! Alaska looks amazing! I've always wanted to go.

  15. Love all of your traveling pics, so beautiful! Sounds like a year of adventures!

  16. Your Alaska/Canada trip looks amazing and so beautiful!! I loved reading about it and seeing the photos :)

  17. LOVED reliving these times with you. xx

  18. Oh my word. Those pictures of your trip are beyond beautiful!

  19. Your trip to Alaska looks amazing! I have recently added that to my list, more out of curiosity because I don't know the wonders it has to offer.

  20. You guys have been so many fun places! Loved this recap. There are still so many Christmas movies we need to see.. guess it's gonna be a marathon at this point hah.

  21. What amazing adventures you have experienced this year! I love that you make the most of life! :)

  22. Gorgeous photos of Alaska! I did a similar cruise leaving from BC and then doing 3 of your stops in Alaska. I was in college at the time and preferred to stay on the ship instead of doing some of the excursions so I'm regretting seeing some of the sites you got to take in! What cruiseline did you go on?

  23. Oh my goodness! So jealous of your Alaskan Vacation. I've been wanting to go there for a very long time. Thanks for sharing all your awesome pics so that I could pretend to be there.

  24. WOW you did so much! Alaska, ziplinging!! Great recap :)

  25. What a busy few months! Alaska looks amazing! I'd love to be able to visit there someday!

  26. what an amazing year you've had.. seriously though, your Alaskan vacation.... jaw dropping wonderful so jealous hope i get to go one day!

  27. That vacation looks like a total dream! Seriously so much fun. You guys did so much stuff during that week. Congrats on a year!
    How awesome that you are on a kickball team, I honestly didn't even realize there were traveling teams for it.

    So glad you a recapping with us and for getting to know you.

  28. I'm not sure how you could top July! That looked like such a fun trip. My grandma would have been right there ziplinning. When we went to Hawaii she parasailed. She was 81 at the time.


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