June 1, 2017

What's New With You {The Late Addition}


Hello! Yes, I'm still here, just a lil late this morning. Honestly, I find myself in the swing of things and them BOOM the week is near then end and I haven't answered emails/comments and I haven't posted anything new. Egad! Even though this is later than normal, here's a new post to read.

Support means the world to me. Seriously, it does. Whether it's family support, friend support, blog land support or just a pat on the head support I crave it like no other. Support is my tribe. Which is wonderful when people show up and support me all the time. This is nothing new, per say, but it's been needed more than normal recently and to have everyone show up has meant the world.

The house is finally coming together. Guys, the house. THE HOUSE! We finally have a living room and the boxes are LE GONE! Our Memorial Day was not a restful or celebrated weekend. Le Husband and I worked ALL WEEKEND long on our house. We put in floor board, we put in tow board, we painted, we sanded, we primed, we painted again, we put things up and took them down, we arranged and rearranged, we bought a TREE {!!!}, we organized and we put our downstairs back together. It is looking good, so good, and I'm so freaking happy to have a carpet and Snoopy.

Fitness is lost F A S T. No surprise there right? Two weeks off for surgery and man do I feel like I'm climbing a mountain again. My abs are gone {wah face emoji}, my pushup count is down and I honestly just feel so slow and out of shape teaching at the moment. I get it, my body is changed and is still recovering from losing an organ however I'm bummed I have to regroup and rebuild.

Whole30 Round four? Y'all, it might be happening. I need to get myself in check food wise because since surgery I've been eating like a frat boy and my body not only looks meh it feels lousy. This isn't about losing weight though, sure I liked being lean, but it sucked not being able to eat food because of my gallbladder issue. Now I can eat the food I missed which is AMAZING for the taste buds, just not so amazing for the rest of my body. Le Husband said he was on board so it might happen.

So that's the quick and dirty of the past month or so. Thanks for reading and showing up!



  1. If you and your husband still love one another after all of that hard work AND surgery recovery, then you are doing great! I mean I love my husband but we want to kill one another when it comes to house chores... good for you!

  2. don't even beat yourself up! you just need to start off slow and build your way back. you'll be surprised at how fast your body bounces back. i also have to work my way back up after having to dial it down and put on extra weight to get my period back. yesterday was my first real session with my trainer and omfg i barely got through the 4th round. before, i could do 5 rounds no problem and he was going easy on me yesterday!!!

    so take it easy, girl. work but not too strenuous and listen to your body! you will get stronger soon enough.

  3. I hear ya! Coming back after surgery is tough but I know you can do it. You are awesome my friend! You got this!

  4. Coming back from surgery is never easy. Especially with dieting. You get so used to eating the "good" stuff and then end up somewhat regretting it later. It'll all be a good fresh start! New diet, new home with a fresh start!

    Lisa | Showered With Design

  5. I hope you are taking it easy after surgery. I know when I had my hernia surgery I was aching to get back to the gym as well.

  6. Fitness loss is SO FAST. Giving it time and not expecting too much is probably the best place to be.

  7. Great news on the house! When my living situation is in turmoil I feel completely out of sorts so I'm glad yours is coming together. Buying a tree is a very exciting life event!

    What did you think of the Whole30? I am in a similar Bad Food Situation and just need to sort myself out. Plus a husband with digestive issues and I'm thinking this might be what we both need. Was it ok or a total nightmare? I'm already gluten free if that helps...

  8. I'm always so in awe of those who do the Whole30, and you're about to tackle it again. Get it girl! And YAY for the house, can't wait to see pics <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. Your body is going to come back just as fast as you think you lost it, I promise! Muscles aren't made overnight - nor are they lost! If you have the drive and determination...which you totally do...plus the support, you've totally got this! Know that I'm cheering you on big time from way up by Canada :)

  10. Preach it on the support! I just had a massive falling out with many of my mom friends here, and it was seriously due to a lack of support. Loved this!

  11. Good luck with your 4th round of Whole30!! I'm glad that the house is starting to come together. I feel the same way with posts & comments. I'm hoping now that it's summer I'll be way better at it since I won't have to also juggle it with work... once I get back from Colorado of course... Have a great weekend lady!

  12. So exciting the house is coming together! Can't wait to see pics of all the work you and the hubby put into it.

  13. ahhh so exciting about the house!! carpet!! yay!
    ugh totally agree about fitness. it just up and packs its bags the minute you take a break for whatever reason. very rude.
    support is my jam as well. shows yo people care about you, have your back.


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