February 11, 2011


Goonie Grachey Thank the sweet sweet Lord above it's Friday! Is it just me or has this week just draggggedd....and draaaagggged...and dragggged on?!?
I am so ready for the weekend, how about you???

My brani-o is sooooooooo all over the place I can't even begin to think of trying to put a proper post together so here's my completely random thoughts.

1}But I am le tired! No, for realzzz, I am tizz-I-ard! These morning workouts are really getting to me. I passed out last night at 930pm, while my roommate P was watching tv, loudly, with the lights on. I am a very very light sleeper (which oh so stinks) so when I pass out when there is noise, you KNOW I am beyond tired. SUPER excited to sleep in this weekend...weeee!

2}I have a minor crush on Dr. Avery (shhhh don't tell C). This crush started the very first episode he appeared on Grey's and welp, it's still there folks. Maybe it's his gentle smile. Maybe it's those clear baby blues. Maybe it's his rock.hard.body. I don't know exactly what it is, all I know is I feel like a little school girl when he appears on screen. And that's okay right?!?! I mean come on, how can you not find him adorable?

3} I'm heading to visit my BFFER T, this weekend and I am over.the.moon. excited. It was her birthday this weekend so this weekend is CELEBRATION time wahoo! Although, it is going to be MUCH MUCH MUCH tamer than we use to do (yeah, we went through a CaRAZY partying stage when we first lived together). We'll be trading in clubs and dancing for TGIFriday's and karaoke. WHOA, I just re-read that last sentence and WHOA! But never-the-less, I'm packing my partypants for a rockin' good time.

4} February is probably the MOST expensive month for me. Okay, maybe 2nd after December, but man on man I go through the $Benjamin's$ like it's my job. I've got Daddy's bday, T's bday(BFFforlife), A's bday(neighbor and good friend), H's bday (only cousin on mama's side), Valentine's day (hmmm wondering if C and I are gonna do anything), then SportySpice's bday (and of course this is her 25). Add on this year a sports tournament in FLO-RIDA and well, looks like my jam this month is "Bills, Bills, Bills" by Destiny's Child.

5}I have mixed feelings about Valentine's day. I'm not a bitter better, my parent's always had valentine's day candy and flowers for us. I've had a super thought out Valentine's surprise by my college boyfriend (completely unexpected and out of character). I've had the 'I don't do Valentine's day but I'll get you flowers another time during the month'. And I've had the normal, dinner date and hangout time on the 14th. I think the idea is great, but I think it's blown WAY outta purportion. I would like a home cooked meal and a card. Guess I need to talk with C, and manage expectations for the day.

6}I am really worried about SportySpice and her boyfriend BlackOps. They have hit a REALLY REALLY rough patch recently and I am so sad for her. Their story is one I will share later, but here is the quick gist. He is deploying in the spring for a year and they are dealing with a long distance relationship already. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep them in your prayers. They have a very long road ahead of them and I TRULY want them to make it.
{Below is a picture I randomly snapped this past fall. We were going to his re-enlistment ceremony and I am oh-so-in-love with it. I entered it in a small competition on a whim. Wish me luck}

7} I realize I need to address and introduce all of the main players in my 'P!nk' life. Not only for those reading (HI), but for myself. Keeping things anonymous can make things VERY confusing.

8}I HATE hanging texts! How hard is it to just reply back with a THANKS, YES/NO, or ok?!

9}Not that I am getting married soon, but I think I know what kind of dress I want. One with a top like Nicole Richie's, but more of a A-line or mermaid bottom. With an open back. Can you do that?

Well that was a babbletastic-rambleicious post huh?
I'm not that crazy...or maybe I am.
Here are some sweet, pretty and adorable pictures for your enjoyment!



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