February 24, 2011

Ladies we are at CODE ORANGE!

I am in a MOOOOOOOOOOOOD ya'll!

Like full on bad mooooood, code level ORANGE!
Meaning don't mess with me or else!

It has just been 1 of thoooooooooooooooose days!

A Despicable Me theme song kind of day!

'I'm having a bad bad day. It's about time that I get my way.
Steamrolling whatever I see...awww, DESPICABLE ME!'
{can we just notice that my bad day theme song is a DISNEY song, kay!?!!}

Nothing was going right this morning and I just have to vent.
~Woke up late for the gym~
~Gym didn't have hot water~
~Had to cut workout even shorter to go home and shower~
~C didn't tell me what workout we were doing so I had to follow him around~
{BIIIGG PET PEEVE! I'm a gym girl I don't have to follow
around my boyfriend. So don't make me look like that}
~He flashed me attitude~
~My smoothie wouldn't blend correctly~
~Traffic was ridiculous~
~Coffee pot overflowed because I didn't push it all the way in~
~My stomach hurt~
{how does that happen? I've been working out more than normal
and watching PRECISELY how much I eat}
~My eyesight has been fuzzy on and off lately~
{I had Lasik 5 years ago and I use to say best decision ever,
but if it's reverting back I'm gonna be PISSED}
~My speakers at work stopped working~

Okay, thank you for dealing with my pity party, I needed it.
And I KNOW there are WORSE WORSE WORSE x a bazillion things that other people are going through. It's just today everything seemed to pile up. But luckily I am blessed to have good friends at work who helped me through it. My day started to turn around when my coworker gave me a hug. :) That's really all I needed at the moment. And then my other coworker gave me other speakers to use until mine decided to work again {which they did}.

I know I am blessed, but I am still stressed.

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