January 16, 2019

End of Second Trimester

Hello! How are y'all this week? Hopefully settling into the new year and January well. I've perused blogs more this month than before, just haven't had as much time to comment as I'd like. But, I'm here and reading and hope you know I so enjoy being here more.

I realized the other day this is the last week of my second trimester. Can I say, WAIT WHAT?! There have honestly been times where weeks seemed so long and then, poof, here I am. On the brink of the third trimester and getting closer and closer to meeting our lil one.

When I was blogging more seriously (2015 or earlier) I expected to be one of those bloggers who did a weekly bump post. More for my records than for readers, but now I realize I've never DONE ONE HERE. Part of that is because, TIME, however I will admit part of me doesn't really want to share as much here for some reason. Maybe I'm just getting older, who knows.

But, I do hope to be able to look back at this blog one day and see a journey, which right now includes pregnancy. So, please indulge me in a quick BUMP UPDATE post.

How far along: 27 weeks

Gender: Not finding out

Weight gain: just under 20 pounds, which honestly seems high to me with 12 more weeks to go.

Movement: TONS, especially when I sit down leaning forward. Baby lets me know it needs more room. Last night BOB had a tap dancing party from 3am - 5am which was something new.

Sleep: Yeah, ish. We bought a mattress topper to help with my back issues [yes I still have back issues from the summer, unbaby related] and it has helped. I FINALLY purchased a pregnancy pillow [super late I know] and can't wait to finally use it. Need it for the expanding belly.

Working Out: Still teaching a few times a week. Can definitely feel the extra weight and my belly now hits the floor in modified pushups. Hoping to teach until due date, but want healthy baby of course.

Work: Not as stressful, although super slow which means stress about money, which is nice. I can't sit for very long before my ribs make me get up and move.

Dr Appointments: I have my glucose test tomorrow, eeek! Hoping for good results and looking forward to talking with the doctor because I have tons of questions about the next trimester.

Nursery: ummmmm, yeah. Le Husband is building the furniture and that's where we are now.

How I'm feeling: Large, large, large. Tired. Nervous for the next step. Wondering where all the extra weight will go. Worried I haven't enough to prepare for birth. Excited about my baby showers. Baffled that BOB will be here in 12 weeks, OH EM GOODNESS.


  1. Good wishes for your glucose test!
    I laughed at the bump hitting the floor in the modified push ups. You go momma keeping up the fitness!!!

  2. Moving right along and look fabulous! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow with that test!

  3. You are amazing! I love that you are still working out so hard! You look awesome. I also think it's fun that the gender will be a surprise!

  4. You look so lovely. Sending lots of positive thoughts for your glucose test. :)

  5. This pregnancy is flying by! Good lick with the glucose test. From the looks of your bump I am leaning girl.

  6. Oh my goodness! I can't believe your due date is only 12 weeks away! So exciting!

  7. Clearly I've been MIA...you're pregnant! I'm so excited for you! You look beautiful - don't get too hung up on the weight gain. Every mama gains exactly as much as her body is meant to...you're going to be such a great mama! You're not far behind me!

  8. You're getting SO close, and you look amazing momma! Yay for all the movement, and I hear ya on the mattress topper! Game changer! <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. Aw congrats! Very exciting things coming your way!

    I did trimester updates on my blog..posting the third one after he was born lol. Also, my dog used my pregnancy pillow more than I did, so I'm glad I only borrowed one and didn't buy it. I found that prenatal yoga helped with aches and pains more than anything else.
    And definitely don't get hung up on weight gain. It'll go on and it'll come off. I didn't gain quite as much as they told me to, but I also didn't do anything to prevent weight gain. Just did my regular workouts of walking and Pilates. Your body will definitely know what to do!

  10. You are the most adorable pregnant lady!!! :) It definitely suits you. :)

  11. You look amazing! And do not worry about that weight...staying in shape like you do I promise you will pop back quickly.

  12. You look great! The baby bump is growing so fast. Are you taking bets on the gender? lol

  13. I love that you've been staying active throughout your pregnancy and CHEERS to passing the glucose test! Can't wait to find out what BOB is!! :)

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