August 31, 2018

Weekly Wins: Looking To The Small


Doing what I can to get through the week. To get to the next day. To try and get better at this new job and see it as a test I can pass. Not something I am going to fail. I've been in a bad headspace for awhile, because this has been so hard, but after a couple shoutouts on Instagram I've turned it around. 

I can't predict the future. I can control my thoughts each morning. I can decide how I will act. How I will react. How I will learn. How I will fuel my fire. How I will succeed. I can control that. 

So my weekly wins are as follows:

+ Reaching a small goal at work this week. 

+ Family supporting me no matter what.

+ Le Husband making dinner every night and cleaning up too. 

+ Having a couple appointments this weekend that could come to fruition.

+ All the support of people at work who see my effort and drive.

+ Knowledge that no matter what I will be okay.

Believe in yourself friends, I'm cheering for you < 3 !


  1. We're two weeks into the school year and my mantra for the year is already celebrating the small victories. I'm with you on this. Love that your husband is taking such great care of you during this new transition. (We have the best husbands!)

  2. Wahoo for small victories. I am so proud of you that you are working through this time in your life. and yeah for le husband being there for you. YOu have this this weekend. Just be you.

  3. Supportive family is everything! And yay for your husband cooking & cleaning! Happy Friday!!

  4. so important to celebrate the small things and concentrate on the things you *can* control!

  5. Small goals are the best!! They make you appreciate the bigger ones even more.


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