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January 5, 2012

2012 Resolutions and Goals

New Year, fresh slate, new goals, new ideas and new inspiration. 

I was not the best last year with my resolutions, but I find if I don't list what I want to accomplish the goals go by the wayside. Often I find myself failing, but I always want to TRY to be better. I am going to try and re-evaluate my goals every month or so to track my progress. Maybe having things in a public forum will help keep me honest. 

Pinky's Goals for 2012

1) Be a better disciple and follower of Christ. I failed with this one last year and do NOT want it to happen again. I need to seek out Christ and spend more time praying and nurturing my relationship with God.

2) Return to my more active lifestyle and get in the healthiest shape I can. Last year my injury got the best of me and I gained weight. This has been a huge hit to my confidence, especially since some of my clothes are now too snug. The scale has never been this high before and my body image has never been this low. I miss my college body, but sadly I know the days of seeing the scale below 110 is a thing of the past. I would like to lose a few pounds, but my overall goal is to be healthy and fit, which I do NOT think I am right now. I am petite but I am not in shape and that needs to change this year. I am continuing to seek treatment for my shins/ankles and have begun to use yoga and Pilates instead of only running/HIIT as my cardio. I need to get back to my 4x-5x a week of working out, but understand this will be a growing process.

3) Eat better......MORE WHOLE foods less processed. I cannot solely base my weight gain on lack of exercise, I was not the healthiest foodie last year. There were too many indulgences and not enough portion control. Overall I eat decent, however I am not the best at carb and unnecessary calorie control. Through research and reading different blogs I have become more aware of different eating habits and have decided my main goal is to eat more WHOLE foods and less processed and packaged foods. Will I still eat pasta or that cookie, hecks to the yizzesss! But, I want to focus my snacking on whole good for me foods instead of low fat crackers, chips, cookies etc. Whole Foods aka Whole Fortune will be seeing my face very often this year. 

4)Drink More Water, Take my Vitamins. This is probably the most AMBITIOUS goal I have for the year but one of the most necessary in my opinion. Our bodies need water and I DO NOT drink nearly enough throughout the day. I took a water bottle at work last year but rarely every looked at it. NOW I will actively reach for that jug of water and try to refill it at least once while at work. I also need to get better at taking my vitamins because they are so incredibly important for my immune system. A few years ago I had it down to a science, but then they started to hurt my tummy so I stopped taking them. As long as I take them with food I should be okay and hopefully will regain some energy.

5) Stretch Daily: Another ambitious goal, but one that many of my doctors have told me I need to do. Stretching for 10 minutes a day should NOT be that hard, but how many times have I taken the time to move from the couch to floor? Last year, not at all. So far this year, every day this week (yay). I am not expecting to be able to do the splits or kick as high as the Rockettes, but I can already feel my hamstrings loosening up from just the few days of consecutive stretching.  

6)JUDGE LESS: Hello my name is Pinky and I can be a judger. I now hang my head in shame.  I know we live in a society of judgement, ?hello reality tv anyone?, but I know judging others is a nasty trait to have. I noticed last year that I wasn't just judging other people but was judging how my life stacked up to theirs and that really is not healthy. There is NO point in keeping up with the Jones' and who am I to judge someone without fully knowing their story? I will say, judging what people wear out of the house will probably be one of the hardest things to break (come on, I live in DC, that's crazy people land)

7) Actually create and stick to a budget. Psheeeew, lets see if I can actually START this resolution/goal this year. Yep, last year was a big fat fail but that is because I really had NO IDEA where to start and what to do. This year I am much more prepared (thanks in part to the gorgeous and super sweet, Janna) and have a more realistic grasp on what a budget actually is. I am using the month of January to get everything together and settled and will begin budgeting in February. I have to buy a new car soon and really don't want to let the car payment take over my life. I do not live outside of my means by any stretch, but I do believe I could be saving more and I want to know exactly where my money is going.

8) Stop wasting time (i.e. too much computer and too much tv) I need to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk. I have a few ideas and dreams rolling around in my head, but haven't done anything about them. I don't want to regret wasting valuable time as a young 20 something. The time to act is NOW!
Wow, that's a lot of things to work on, but right now I'm feeling up to the challenge. With dedication and hard work I truly believe in myself and my will and KNOW I can accomplish anything I set my mind to! How am I going to keep motivated to accomplish everything? Well I'm glad you asked...

Behold my 2012 Inspiration Board

I found the idea over on the Fitnessista's blog and immediately wanted to create my own. My inspiration board is hanging on the outside of my closet so I can see it everyday. I love the pink sparkles and strong motivational words. It will be hard to skip a workout or pig out on junk when I stare at this every day. 

2012 has the makings to be my best year yet and I am 100% committed to making this a reality. 
So BRING IT 2012...I'm ready for you!

Do you make resolutions every year? If so what are some you have this year? If you don't make resolutions what are your goals throughout the year?


  1. That inspiration board is AWESOME!!! I need to make one of those! Maybe that will help me stick to my resolutions:) Thanks for grabbing my button!

  2. Oooh im loving your inspiration board! Some of my goals are to eat more fruit and get to crackin in that gym...I've been a big slacker lately!

  3. for #2, try crossfit!!
    for #3, check out the whole30 program (basically eating strict paleo for 30 days, nothing processed at all) -
    (i totally "cheat" too often now but paleo actually works)

    #6, i def think judging people in dc is soooo easy to do. (so is judging people on bachelor, biggest loser, and every other tv show..haha)

  4. Jesus is my homeboy ;) Love your #1!! I'm with you, sista!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  5. First thing first! Love the Kate Spade "Hello 2012" picture you posted! ADORABLE! Secondly... I hear you on the resolutions, I slacked big time last year! I wish you the best of luck with your resolutions this year, my ultimate favorite one of yours is number one... that's on my list too. Actually, I am trying to find a new church to go to this year. I need to get back in the habit of going. YOUR ISPIRATION BOARD. I Love it! I am sure you can do it with out subjects too other than fitness... Maybe I will make one about all the celebrities I want to marry to see how well that 2012 resolution plays out... hahaha! Have a great day hun!

  6. Oh I love your inspiration board! What a great idea. Stealing it! And I like your daily stretching goal. I was a gymnast for years and now I can't bend at all simply because I got lazy. Definitely need to work on that this year! I also like your stop wasting time goal too. Keeping that in mind :)

  7. What great goals!! :) A couple years ago I bought a giant pink Bubba Keg mug from Target (yup. That happened) and brought it to work. I drink at least two of them a day, sometimes 3. It's a 34 ounce mug, so I'm drinking at least 68 ounces a day! I find that a straw helps me drink it faster. :) I get the water first thing in the morning, and make myself finish it before lunch. Then, after lunch I fill it again, and try to finish it by the EOD. Seems to work for me. Hope that helps!!

  8. SO I just emailed you about #3! Can we do this together? I am for REALS.
    I also need to follow your #1 too :)

  9. Great list! I wish you tons of luck :)

  10. I am so proud of you and totally believe in you!! I feel like 2012 is going to be a GREAT year for you and you know that I am always here for ya!! xoxoxoxoxox

  11. Love the inspiration board! :)


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