January 10, 2011

MIGHTY Monday {Weekend Edition}

Is it really Monday already?!?!?!? I am seeeerrrrsly dragging today!
So much so that I can't even BEGIN to think of writing a normal post.

I might have driven to Pittsburgh this weekend for a wedding with C.

I might have forgot to check my oil before we left and remembered halfway through our trip.

C might have tried to laugh at me

I might have been given credit for remembering

I might have met alot of C's friends at said wedding

I might have been more nervous than I let on

I might have been miserable and shy the 45 minutes of time between the wedding ceremony and actual reception while C was taking pictures
{me shy...stoptheworld)

I might have not gotten alot of sleep this weekend

I might have won a championship in a sport on Sunday

It might have been the 4th time in a row my team was in the championship

I might have passed out at 945pm on Sunday

My car might have been white from all of the snow/sleet this weekend

I might have snuck out of work for an hour to go clean it

It might be snowing again tomorrow

My room might be a complete disaster

I might have put Christmas away

I might be super sad about it

I might be posting Thanksgiving and Christmas pictures to Facebook today

I might not even care what people think


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