February 19, 2014

What I've Been Up To Weds

Since I took my break at the beginning of the month, life hasn't stopped. 

I just stopped reporting on it, haha. 

So, I figured today I'd bring things up to speed here in blog land
and tell you what I've been up to recently. 

Olympics Olympics Olympics
I mean, seriously y'all, I'm living and breathing these Winter Games. I LOVE the Olympics!!! It's on all day at work, it's on when I get home and we watch it before we go to bed. I post what to watch on my Facebook every morning so people know what to watch and I LOVE how many of my friends love my updates. It really bums me out that people choose to not give these athletes the respect they deserve, especially when we 'worship' college and professional athletes back here at home [don't EVEN get me started on our country and reality tv stars]. There have been so many amazing moments at the Games that are heartwarming and I'm sad people are missing them. I mean, it's their loss, but I'm doing my part to advertise the shiznit out of Sochi!

Snow Snow Snow
It's been a snowy winter this year, especially up and down he East coast. Last week was another snowy one, but the FIRST one I didn't have to trudge to the office. Every other time the government and schools were closed, I was one of the few people making my way to the office. Major boo face, but I guess that's part of what makes my paycheck worth it's amount. I was super happy when my boss allowed me to work from home last Wednesday, especially since Le Husband was home too this time. Even though we were both working, it was nice to be just in sweats, on the couch together. When it was time for a lunch break, I kept my damsel card in my wallet and went outside with C to clean off our cars. MAN that snow was heavy, but it was a good work out and kind of fun. We received some more snow today and while it's pretty, I'm counting the minutes until summer. HURRY UP HEAT!
Three layers...yes ma'am

Enjoying juicing, flowers and free shoes
We received a juicer for a wedding present and I've finally started using it this month. IT.IS.AWESOME! I love making green juices for a quick and easy way to get extra veggies in the day. Our blue mason jars are the perfect containers to travel with and I've been trying to enjoy a green juice a day. I'm still tinkering with using the extra pulp and once I figure out a perfect recipe, I'll let y'all know. And yes, you read that correct, FREE SHOES! A lady/friend at my church cleaned out her closet and since we have the same shoe size she offered them to me. I have a pair of boots of hers as well and I'm ecstatic for these new lovelies. I can't WAIT to break in the new Via Spiga's, LOVE THEM!
Green juice, pretty flowers and shoes

Learning new second day hair styles
I kind of expected to have chopped my hair by now, but I've kept growing it out since the wedding. Which means I need to keep it healthy, cue not washing it everyday. Unfortunately being a fine haired lady my next day hair has ZERO volume and doesn't hold a curl very well. So, lately it's a twist up pony or low bun. While both styles are fun, they've felt kind of yawny to me, so I've started to switch things up when I can. Early this week I rocked a ballerina bun and I loved how sleek it looked. I just need to find two more styles on pinterest to start rocking and I'll be set. Any of y'all have a go to for second day hair?!  
Ballerina Bun

Counting down the minutes until 80 degrees
This weekend is OPENING WEEKEND for the kickball season and I am stoked.  Last year's opening weekend was incredible because both sissys were in attendance with Le Fiance and myself and it was the weekend AFTER our engagement. Meaning, lots of fun congrats from friends and lots of champs together to celebrate. And the beach and no snow. It's supposed to be in the 80s in Florida this weekend and I am beyond excited to not be freezing. Even though my body isn't where it should be [ie barf] I'm going to try and enjoy myself if I have to be in a swim suit [yeah right]. Hopefully I'll be coming home with some extra $$ from winning.

So that's a run down of my life, what's going on with you?


  1. We must have been on the same wavelength about reality tv people today haha.
    Good news: it's gonna be 60's 3 times this week!! WOOHOO!!!
    I'd like to try your green juices sometime, they sound interesting to me

  2. FL! Ahhhhh! Where about you going to be? When do you leave?

  3. Second day hair it way easier the long it gets.... mine is fine too, and I have been going with dry shampoo to ease some of the oiliness and curling it, or twists and braids. look on my pinterest I think I have some dos pinned.

  4. Loving that you and Jenn both talked about reality tv today - so OVER it. Would much rather watch the Olympics than any of that mess any day!

    And fine haired girls unite! You, Jenn, Lynn and I all have fine hair, so we can all commiserate with the tricks needed to work with our hair type! Do you use mousse after you wash your hair? I use the Big Sexy Hair root pump and it gives my hair a lot of volume that lasts for days between washes. I also use Not Your Mother's Girl Powder Hair Powder ($5 at Walmart/Amazon/online) and that gives my hair a lot of texture which makes it so easy to twist it up into buns, pony tails, half-ups, etc while giving it a TON of body to make it look full and thick. Highly recommend!

    Enjoy your kickball kick-off!:)

  5. Love the bun! That is so cute! Wish I could be more help in the hair department, but, I have the complete opposite problem. (Which isn't good either!) :( I think the whole country is sick of this cold weather... bring on Summertime!!

  6. I'm playing kickball again in the spring YAY and our season starts in 2 weeks. SO EXCITED!!! I'm usually into the Olympics but I just haven't been this year.

  7. I love the Olympics as well, but the girls hate it and barely ever watch them with me in peace, there's constant complaining, and whining, and suggestions to watch some cartoons. Free shoes are awesome! I once did a closet swap with a friend, and got the best, most awesome black shift dress for work. Yay for working from home by the way! Enjoy the snow and build a snowman for me!

  8. We are Olympics obsessed over here, too! My husband even worked from home today just so he could watch the USA hockey game haha! And I love your ballerina bun. I need to get better at styling my hair... I always either straighten it or curl it. So boring!


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