February 14, 2014

Love to LOVE you baby

That's right, love to love YOU!

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Happy pink&red day my lovely friends.

Today is the day to celebrate LOVE!

Love of your family!
Love of your friends!
Love of your coworkers! [mine are getting cookies today!]
Love of humanity!

I haven't always been a Valentinte's day lover.
[shocking right?!!? I did always love the celebration of pink though]

My parents always made the day fun
with flowers, chocolates or some kind of a gift 
when we were growing up. 

I never felt UNLOVED because of St. Valentine,
but being in high school on the 14th wasn't 
always the most fun. 
[Who wouldn't feel a bit jealous of the girls walking
in the hallways with multiple bouquets, balloons and chocolates?!]

Even when I was dating, I was never a big Valentine's day girl.
I would rather have a random flower on a Tuesday in July,
than a gift on the 14th because you felt obligated
to get me something.
[come on ladies, let's give the dudes a break]

However, in the past few years I've become more of an 
enjoyer if you will.

I just LOVE

I firmly believe that love makes the world go round,
so why not celebrate it, if only for a day.

So today, even if you're not a fan, love those around you
no matter your 'romantic status'.

If you are single:
 ...get a pedicure...take a bubble bath...put on a girlie movie...tell your friends and family how much they mean to you...get drinks with your girlfriends...tell bad dating stories...celebrate being able to do WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO...

If you are attached:
...write a sweet note...don't set expectations to high...tell your friends and family how much they mean to you...take a moment to be thankful for the special S/O in your life...tell them how much you care...enjoy the small and simple things your relationship has to offer...

Today I'll be enjoying a simple meal at home, with Le Husband.

I'm happy I have such an amazing Valentine,
but I'll love him all the same every other day of the year too. 
Cheers sweet friends! I hope you have a fabulous Friday :)!

Remember, I love you
and there's NOTHING you can do about it < 3


I may not be linking up for 5 on Friday, but I'm sharing my 
#TEAMTEDDY picture!

I actually got mine to Alex in time to be part of the video and it was an incredible moment watching all the different #TEAMTEDDY pictures!


We love SUPER TEDDY!!!!


  1. Loving LOVE is awesome and your message here is epic!! Happy Valentine's Day Beautiful!!!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, sweet girl! Hoping that today brings a little bit of cheer to the sweet Fish family when they see just how much their sweet boy is LOVED!

  3. Aww its sweet to see a post like this! Definitely just have to love to love today :)

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! Love focusing on ALL the love in your life, not just your significant other!

  5. LOVE this! As much as I now enjoy having a hubby to love on Vday, one of my most fun Valentine's Days ever was while single... a bunch of girls got together for a sleepover and it was a blast! Celebrate it any way you want!:)

  6. Happy valentines day! Enjoy it with your love!

  7. I agree. You should celebrate whether you are single or taken. I always celebrated when I was single and we had a BLAST going out on Vday and making our own party.


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