February 17, 2014

Oh Snow You Didn't!

Happy Monday friends!

I hope y'all are well and enjoyed your weekend.
Mine was wonderful, as usual it seems, and I think I'm ready
to be back at the blogging thing. WOOP!

As y'all may know, Friday was Valentine's day.

There's no pressure with us for gifts, but this year we each
got each other something small and a card.

Le Husband wins with gifts though.
A WIFE card and a princess pen...so perfect ;)!
See the lifting gloves?!?! Yeah, I hate them.
I'm not a girl that wear gloves in the gym, even though
I don't like callouses I'll never be caught wearing gym gloves.

Only the gym bunnies at my gym do, and I ain't no gym bunny.

I was at a loss when I opened them. I'm always appreciative of gifts,
as most are, but I've been told I'm one of the BEST people
to give gifts to because no matter WHAT it is, I'm super excited.

But, how was I supposed to be thankful for a gift that I've told C
I DIDN'T want. Cue confused face.

Luckily it was JUST a joke! He just wanted to see HOW I would react.
Well played love, well played.

We enjoyed dinner together then a brownie and ice cream sundae.
A wonderful end to a perfect evening.
Saturday morning I was up with the hardcore Americans at 7:30am
to watch the USA vs RUSSIA hockey game.

WOOF! That's early for a weekend, but LAWD it was worth it. 

The game was EPIC! Each period was heart pounding and when things went to a shoot out I could barely stay on the couch. The shootout was different than NHL style, but not any less exciting. It went to the 8th round, because neither team could get enough shots in a row. TJ Oshie was responsible for six of the shots and lifted the USA to a win.
Thank you! #Sochi #TeamUSA
And he's just a GOOD GUY!!

We shouted, cheered and joined in the Facebook celebration
with everyone that was awake.
I probably liked a bazillion statuses,
I love when our country comes together.

Check out this amazing sculpture Babyspice made Saturday.
[courtesy of baby spice]
Since it was an early morning the rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent chilling at the apartment. We prepped things for dinner and I enjoyed a glorious nap. Very much needed after the early morning for sure.

After I woke up, Le Husband and I finally were able to make it to the gym after a week off due to an injury. Last week was a bit rough not working out, I completely felt the weight gain so it was amazing to be back at it. I even think the week of was good for me, I felt stronger than ever. I'm also excited about finally purchasing my BCAA's, can't wait to see even more results.

Saturday evening was spent cooking an amazing dinner and more Olympics!

Roasted chicken, potatoes and vegetables.
We closed the evening with more Olympics and then headed to bed.

Sunday morning was the usual early church, grocery store, cleaning and food. We also ran some errands and then hit the gym again. Working out hard again is awesome!

The rest of the day was pretty chill with more Olympics of course.

WOOHOO BODE!!! So happy he got his medal!

I'm excited to 'be back' and looking forward to the week.
Hopefully all the snow will melt quickly.
The piles are making for interesting driving around these parts.

Hope y'all rock Monday like no other!

Tell me about your weekend?!?!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Glad the gloves were just a joke :) That would have been awkward

  2. The hockey game was SUPER exciting! I loved seeing all of the videos of bars that were packed early in the morning watching the game and erupting in craziness after the win! Super fun! :)
    Your sister is too creative--I saw the pic of her snow sculpture online and was VERY impressed!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend!

    I have to say though I think you are the first person I have ever come across who does not like lifting with gloves. To each their own for sure!

    Love the Olympics snow sculpture.

  4. Yum look at that homemade dinner... that looks hella good girl. And this is y'alls first Valentine's day as husband wife, isn't it?! WIFE CARD!! AH!!! And the princess pen is so cute. AND GIRL NO. No lifting gloves ever. I'm with you on that!!!

  5. YAY for BCAA's!!! Let me know how you like it and what flavor you got! Umm wow your sis is way creative. Roasted chicken looks yum, recipe? Love you!

  6. That sculpture is awesome! And sadly I should probably get a pair of lifting gloves. I feel like I'm not hardcore enough to wear them, but I often feel like I could easily up my weights, except that my hands are killing me!

  7. Oof! The gloves! haha I cringed for you!
    Sounds like you had an awesome V Day and weekend!


  8. How funny! I'm glad he wasn't serious!

  9. I love my weight lifting gloves :) That was a cute gift idea your hubby did though.

    I haven't seen much of the Olympics since I have no TV but I get to read all about it via my fellow bloggers like you!

    That food looks amazing and yay to naps! I know I did my share of long naps.

    Thanks for linkin' up!

  10. HA HA! Your hubs! What a stink! I think the gym bunnies at mine wear them, too.... but I'm totally getting a pair! I'm NOT loving my callouses and even with them... my hands are still sore the day I lifted. So I guess I guess I'll be the only nice girl with gloves at the gym, HA! (I that those girls can be so mean and intimidating at the gym and I refuse to be one of them!)
    Seriously, what an amazing weekend!!

  11. Haha you can send the gloves to me! I wear them ;) Will and my friend Anthony both wear them, so I take my cue from them. Too funny.

  12. Sounds like a great weekend! My Facebook was blown up with statuses about the game on Saturday morning.

  13. Hey don't knock the lifting gloves. I use them on back day and leg day but that is because I do 210 on the lat pull down and the row machine and my hands will slip without them. Food looks amazing! Glad you had a great weekend!

  14. Sounds like a good weekend and good thing it was a joke! Its always awkward receiving something you dont want!

    xox, Lisa @ Showered With Design


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