February 10, 2014

Old And Bummed Out

That was me and Le Husband this weekend.

Saturday was a cacophony of events and it wore me out. 

I had morning yoga, apartment cleaning, bridal shower, more cleaning
bestie time, dinner out, entertaining and then bowling for a birthday. 

So many things with so few hours in the day!

My bffer came into town on Saturday and it was awesome to see her. We had way too much fun being goofy with Le Husband and the sissys. There was name calling, fork stealing, cookie eating and of course picture taking. The pinnacle gaggle of goofballs indeed. 

We stayed out waaaaaay passed bed time bowling and then we were up until 2am chatting back at the house. It was such an enjoyable evening though. Sitting in our guest room, with my best friend and husband chatting about random stuff was such a special moment. A key one for me.

Being at this happy, joyful, content place in life is wonderful. The fact that everyone gets along is so comforting as I know many a person that can't say the same. I'm blessed to have such loving people in my life, that care about me and are good, wonderful people.

Saturday was so wonderful and Sunday was just a complete bum day.

After my bffer left, Le Husband and I walked to get breakfast, ate it while watching the Olympics and didn't move from the couch all day until dinner time.

There was no meal planning, no shopping and no working out.

My body rejoiced!

But I'm still exhausted.
Holy cow am I OLD!!!

However, I'm happy to be an old bum.

Life is good < 3


  1. Aww! :) So glad you had a good weekend! I feel old and worn out today too! HAHA

  2. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Was glad you were able to make it to my bridal shower!

  3. Old bum that had a fun weekend! :)

  4. Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend, but i know how they can run you down! Hope you get some rest this week.

  5. The weekend sounds awesome!! Sometimes just being a bum with the one you love is just what the doctor ordered!

  6. Being an old bum with the people you love is the best!:) Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

  7. J and I live for boring bums! We just like spending down time together after such stressful jobs. And again I watched more curling! and Moguls, which freak me out.

  8. Anytime I have more than 2 things to do in a weekend, I'm exhausted haha, so I feel you there! ;) How awesome though like you said that everyone gets along so well and you can all share the fun and friendship!

  9. my favorite days are the days we can just be BUMS! it's so refreshing sometimes!


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