February 26, 2014

Nobody's Perfect

So why try to fake it right?!?!

I saw this post on Jill's blog and knew I had to write my own.

...I have terrible road rage. I go from serene to monster in .0123 seconds.

...Too many nights I've chosen cereal for dinner instead of making a meal. 

...Sometimes I just pull the comfortoer over the sheets to make up the bed. 

...I've been known to skip a shower or two during a busy week. 

...I'm the worst at returning calls at work. 

...The idea of hotdogs equal BARF!

...Barf! And WOOF! have become my two new favorite words.

...I secretly judge people by their shopping carts in the grocery stores
[note; lowfat/reduced fat/diet DOES NOT MEAN BETTER FOR YOU]

...For three years I sported the classic duck face in many a picture. 

...I get waaaaaaaaaaaaaay excited over the smallest lil thing!!!!!!!!!!

...Flying freaks me OUT!

...I hold grudges, for a very long time. 


I can't leave today without wishing Sportyspice 

I < 3 You sweet sissy of mine. 



  1. ME TOO on the cereal!!! I love it for dinner!

  2. This is a fun idea for a post--always good to admit our "faults" altho things like cereal for dinner is a-okay sometimes :)
    Happy birthday to your sissy!

  3. Love this, P!nky! Enjoyed learning more about you:) And Happy Birthday to Sportyspice!

  4. Haha, a lot of days, our "making the bed" is straightening out the sheets before going to bed :-) I, too, hold grudges forever, at least the important ones, but would NEVER skip a shower. No matter how tired, I could never go to bed unshowered :-(

  5. I think you are pretty perfect, friend ;) Love ya!!


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