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July 7, 2015

Pamela from Sequins & Sea Breezes

Morning, friends. Today I have the beautiful Pamela posting. I have been following her blog for about two years and I adore her sense of style and fashion flair. She has inspired me to step out of my fashion comfort zone and she always has great knowledge of new fun products.

Hi dolls! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Pamela and I blog over at Sequins & Sea Breezes. Usually you can find me blogging about fashion, things I'm loving lately and life in Florida but occasionally I'll throw in a good recap of a trip I took. I recently got back from Key West, which is an annual trip for me so it's not really anything new, but I love getting to travel to new places and explore. I used to travel a LOT more than I do now but unfortunately work has gotten in the way with me being able to travel a lot recently. To give me a chance to relive some of my favorite vacations I'm going to share them with you today! Hope you don't mind! :)
Let's start with my favorite place in the world, London. I've been to London a few times now and I just love everything about it. When I'm there I navigate The Tube almost like a pro and love walking every where. The last time I was there we did a day trip to Paris (yup, that's right a DAY trip to Paris, how awesome is that?!) too. I liked Paris but I was still much more in love with London. If you're ever in London I suggest to walk EVERY where. You'll find so many cute little restaurants and pubs not to mention gorgeous buildings and churches you won't see if you take a taxi. We found the most amazing little pub tucked away in an alley and it had the best bangers and mash! Another must-do, Borough Market. Trust me, you won't regret it!
Next is my second favorite city, Cincinnati. Ok, technically this one is cheating since I'm originally from Cincy but I love getting the chance to go back and see it as a "tourist". I love my hometown skyline from the Kentucky side (the top left pic) and Cincy is home to my favorite zoo, my favorite sports teams, my favorite museum, my favorite theme park and finally my favorite bridge. Yup, I said bridge. The Roebling Suspension bridge is gorgeous and fun fact, John A. Roebling built the bridge from KY to OH just before he built the Brooklyn Bridge. If you're ever in Cincinnati I could list off a million places to go but the zoo, Union Terminal, (if you have an extra free day) King's Island and definitely grab a drink at Top of the Park (on the Kentucky side) are must visits!
Next up is Hawaii. I mean, looking at the few pictures I posted how can you not be in love with Hawaii? Most people think of Hawaii as beaches and relaxing but not me. When I went it was go, go go! I explored every inch of the three islands I went to and loved every minute of it. We started out in Oahu, then went to The Big Island and then off to Kauai. Inter-island hopping is super easy and cheap in Hawaii so I highly recommend it, plus Oahu is very touristy so it's nice to experience Hawaii's natural beauty off the beaten path. I spent as much time outdoors as possible in Hawaii exploring canyons, mountains, lava flows, waterfalls and pretty much everything else I could. Kaui was definitely my favorite island, the two right pictures are why!

I don't know if I can say Vegas is one of my favorite places but this was one of my favorite trips so it gets included! Most people never wander too far from the strip when in Vegas but I'm here to tell you to wander! If you have the time of course. We went for 5 days (which is probably way too much time in Vegas if you as me now) so we got to explore the nearby Red Rock Canyon which was gorgeous but could be a little scary at times and Hoover Dam. We went right after Transformers came out so there were a lot of questions about where Megatron was being kept. The Grand Canyon is a little over 4 hours drive from Vegas so if you're looking for something closer (and not quite as dramatic) Red Rock Canyon is about 30 minutes outside of Vegas and really fun to explore.
Obviously Key West is one of my favorite places but since I've already recapped Key West on my post this week I figured I'd only talk about some of my favorite places outside of Florida here. Don't get me wrong, I have a ton of other favorite places but these have just been some really memorable ones. Hope everyone enjoyed my post while Pinky is on vacation and will stop by my little sanctuary of the blogging world and say hi!

Thanks so much for posting, Pamela! Love your vacation picks {Vegas and Cincy both have a special place in my heart, too} and I've always wanted to get to London. Guess it's time to start planning another trip, huh?


  1. London would be such a cool trip! Sounds like you had had some great travel experience. I totally get that you love to see Cincinnati as a tourist, I feel the same way about Pittsburgh when I go home to visit.

  2. Well, I definitely can't wait to go on vacation now!

  3. Take me with you to Hawaii or London next time, please friend! And of course Pinky is going, too! ;)

  4. EEEk, such fun places!! We love to travel and have a few of these on our bucket list.

  5. Hawaaii is definitely on my bucket list. Also Ive never had a chance to explore Vegas beyond the strip. I will definitely do some tours next time but I had so much still to see on the strip on this trip.

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  7. As if I didn't already have the travel bug... DYING to go to these places someday!
    Love Pamela so much! Great guest post!

  8. Oh Vegas....sometimes my hometown seems cool. lol. :)

  9. I have aaaalways wanted to visit England but I think Cincinnati is more realistic. Definitely on my short term travel bucket list since it's about 8 hours away by car.

  10. I need to plan more trips! Too bad my hubby would rather stay at home. I need a fun travel buddy. :) I'm going to add London to my list since Pamela had so many great things to say about it.


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