September 23, 2016

Just Another Friday Update

Hello and thank you. From the bottom of my heart thank you for all of your comments, thoughts, texts, prayers, love, calls and sentiments. The first few days of September cast a very dark shadow on the entire month and for lack of better term I feel like I've started to find my land legs after eons of being under water. As much as I've wanted to write here it just didn't feel right. It felt fake and so I chose to leave it alone and try and get my head right. Getting my head above water is a personal thing and these days it's something small that brings me back under unexpectedly.

Death does that to me and from past instances I know it will be quite some time before I'm... normal. Right now I am okay and learning to live with grief while also balancing so many ups and downs with a self imposed move. I'm grateful for the opportunities which have presented themselves and am continue to work towards the end goal, even if it takes longer than I expected.

BUT, this post is NOT a post about whining, I promise. Not in anyway a woe is me letter. There has been a lot of good things in my life during September and I've been busier than a tornado in a trailer park [name that movie].

This month I've...

Flown to New Orleans to meet Le Husband for an impromptu kickball get away. The trip was born, talked about and booked in the span of 48 hours and even though it was a whirlwind it was a fantastic time. We ate all the things, played some kickball [I did AWESOME] and hung out with people I hadn't seen in over a year. NOLA is one of my favorite cities and even though our time town was incredibly short, it was well worth the effort and price tag.

Certified in another fitness class. You are reading the blog of a certified Barre Above instructor. While I've only taken a few Barre Above/Barre None classes I'm a HUGE fan of their philosophy and their inclusion mission statement. Certification class was fantastic and I'm excited [and nervous] to take on something totally outside my wheelhouse. Guess who has her own class starting in two weeks? Yeah, homegirl needs to get ON IT.

Taught more two a days than I ever expected. Not only did I get certified in Barre, I'm also shadowing/practicing for my BODYATTACK video certification. Y'all, ATTACK is NO JOKE, seriously, one of the hardest classes [besides GRIT] Les Mills offers. I've learned so much since initial training, but still need to work on my fitness. I'm HOPING to tape my first video next week so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Attended my first VOL NAVY football tailgate/game. My grandfather has a houseboat which he parks right by the stadium and this was my FIRST time making it to a home game. Y'all, it is such a fun experience, I had such a blast. Follow me on Instagram to see the next party, I posted WAY too many videos last weekend.

Missed my family like crazy. Monday was BabySpice's birthday and it was tough being so far away while the rest of my family celebrated. We managed a FaceTime call [after my class, ahem] and it made me so grateful for technology. Phone calls and letters are great but seeing faces makes life so much better, right?

Lost four pounds. Part of me is happy but the other part of me knows stress and grief have been big players in my body. I do credit my two a day teachings and workouts for part of the effects, though. I'm definitely look the part of a trainer which is pretty awesome. Hopefully I'll stay close to my goal weight once I've found my equilibrium again.

Phew, that's a lot going on huh? Somedays I let myself get down in the dumps but most of the time I see this period of life as transitional and I allow the beauty to shine through the grey. Things will come together soon, of that I am sure. It would just be nice if it were sooner rather than later, haha.

I'm super stoked about this weekend because it's another busy one out of town. I'm headed further west in Tennessee for a BODYPUMP AIM and am THRILLED to be meeting up with one of my favorite bloggies. I can't wait to fill y'all in next week. I hope you have a smashing wonderful weekend.


  1. I'm so sorry to here about your grandma. My thoughts and prayers are with you! It's good that you have been staying active and engaged. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. all the emotional rollercoaster it seems and you're staying positive though girlfriend! yay for impromptu getaways and for all the training you're accomplishing! i bet your classes are awesome and i'd totally take them if i lived closer!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. HURRY HURRY HURRY here! There's a pool waiting for you to jump in :) And eek, I wonder if I can still be called a blogger, it's been 5 months!

  4. Congrats on getting certified in Barre! Technology really is the best & makes being away from loved ones a little easier. I love NOLA too. It's one of my favorite places. I don't think I could ever get sick of wandering around & eating all the food.

  5. Sorry about your grandma :( My thoughts are with you. Congrats on the barre certification! Barre workouts are the best! I am so glad you had fun in NOLA. It's the best city in the world, although I am partial because I live here! Are you going to do a post on your trip? I want to know where you ate, what you did and if you met some of my kickball friends!

  6. Yay for New Orleans!! :) You weren't far from me.

  7. Love that you took a quick NOLA trip! Good food and good friends are always good for the soul :)

  8. You lost four pounds and do Barre, I am reading this while eating chocolate cake in a mug... I love you.

  9. I loved this post!

    I do understand the down in the dumps about your situation. I had great qualifications, great education, great references, great experience and still have had periods (and some very long) without a job that at times I have had to accept something less than my skills for money and importance.

    So glad I found a great job now but it has taken me years out of school to get here. I hope you find something you like soon. I also hope being an instructor and doing these classes pays something.

    Everytime I look at your pictures you post straight on and notice your form. You may be small, but you can tell how toned you are! Even if you feel you have too much weight (i know you explained it and I appreciate your feelings on it even with you being skinny) you still look great!

  10. so sorry for your loss :(

    and congrats on your new cert!!! NOLA has been on my bucket list for years; i hope to visit soon (heard so many great things about that city!)

  11. Wow you have been busy! Your little getaway sounds like so much fun! And I can't imagine a better combo than a boat and a football game!

  12. congrats on the barre cert girl! that is awesome! you are so fabulous.

    i hope you are able to get back to 'normal' soon. i can't imagine how hard it is. big hugs and thinking of you xxx

  13. Waittttttt. T-Bone has a houseboat for tailgating??? That's TOO. GOOD!!!!!! I wish I lived close enough to take your barre class. I'm so proud of you and you are looking so good!! Proud of you for escaping to NOLA too for something to take care of you. Hugs!!


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