July 23, 2010

I'm getting old.....how do I make it stop?!?!



And yet here I am, at 20 something and feeling like I'm 30 something.

Now, I am not taking a hit at the age 30 or 20, or call people who are those ages old. That is the furthest thing from how I feel. This is more about how I can tell MY body is getting old. And HOW MUCH I HATE IT!

I am not the most athletic person on the block by any means, but I do look athletic. I was extremely blessed with my parent's athletic gene's and am able to pick up any sport pretty quickly. Again, not the best at each sport but definitely able to understand the fundamentals and pick up the game pretty quickly. I have also been the girl on the team who could RUN FOREVER and never get sore or get hurt. Seriously, I have sprained my ankles multiple times, strained a quad and groin playing college ball but that's it. Never any knee problems or anything serious with my body. I've always been able to bounce back from anything pretty quickly and never really had to take any time off because of an injury.

ENTER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been in serious pain with my IT band for the past 3 weeks and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY! I can't participate in the sports they way I normally do because my legs hurt so much. Now, I will own up to this being my fault from over use and probably...okay definitely...not stretching enough and taking care of myself. I know i know i know it's my fault, but I also know it is because I am not 21 years old and a college athlete anymore. AND THAT KILLS ME TO NO END!


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