July 22, 2016

FBF: Because He's Mine

*** I started this post before our move, but never posted it. I thought the week of our six year dateaversary would be as good as any. If you don't like mushy stuff, feel free to click the red X***

The alarm is beeping stirring me awake. Drowsy with sleep, I start moving and find my legs tangled up in someone else's, the same person I accidentally hit when I slowly stretch.  He's taken up most of the bed and is snoring softly and I can't help but look at him and smile because he's mine.

Lights stay off as I get ready for work, each loud noise answered with a soft 'SORRY'. I get dressed in the dark so I don't have to wake him but I don't mind at all, because he's mine.

My written out list for boxing up packages and labels get thrown to the side when he swoops in to take care of things while I'm at work, and even though I'm sad about my lists I don't mind too much, because he's mine.

Vacations are rarely restful and lazy since he's the go, go, go active guy, and even though I miss my lazy days laying in the sun on the beach I don't mind too much, because he's mine.

Plain chicken and veggies for dinner, night after night. I'm bored as all get out, but I know he has a goal and he is helping me to my goals and even though ALL I WANT IS CHIPS, GUAC and a BURRITO I eat the meals and am grateful this disciplined man in mine.

New city, new place to call home, new free schedule and no jobs makes for a stressful time. I couldn't imagine doing this journey, this big step without my best friend. Even though we deal with stressors in different ways, there's no man I'd rather have by my side and I thank God every night because he's mine.

Happy date anniversary, my love. I'm incredibly thankful a random kickball team [and rum] brought us together. The past six years have been an amazing ride and I am so excited for our future. I love you to the moon and back. 


  1. So sweet!!! May you continue to always "date" each other!

  2. Aww this is so sweet! Happy anniversary.

  3. So sweet! Happy Anniversary and many more! I hope I find someone to feel the same way about soon, it was the best feeling when I had it and I can't wait to have it again!

  4. LOVE this post- so sweet and heartfelt :) Cheers to many more years of being each others!!! :)

  5. awwwwwww <3 love this post girl. happy belated dateaversary!


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