July 14, 2016

When Did I Become This Blogger?

You know what I'm talking about right? The blogger who used to be consistent with content, comment responses {SORRY FRIENDS!} and who would show up day in and day out on your blogs then all of a sudden disappears off of the face of the Internet. I've been blogging six years so I have seen many a favorite blog go dark.

Sometimes there was an annocnment but most of the time people just stopped posting and slowly I stopped returning to read. Every time I saw it happen I recall thinking 'Who does that? Who just walks away from a blog without saying anything? And how in the world does real life take so much time?'

Cue me at the current moment. If you've noticed, I haven't blogged since last Wednesday. And my blogging hasn't been consistent since before the move. I 100% understand real life is more important than this lil space, but I never expected to feel so overwhelmed, underwhelmed or whelmed [I think you can in Europe] about blogging. Something that used to drive me daily and occupy much of my day is feeling no longer relevant.

If I'm honest I admit it's because I had a lot more time to blog when I was working. I'd use my lunch breaks and moments of time to prep posts, read blogs and get things scheduled for the week. Now my days are filled with other things to do instead of sitting behind a computer. Or, if I do sit behind the computer it's to constantly revise resumes, cover letters and search for new job opportunities. Once I'm done with that fun stuff the last thing I want to do is sit down and do more computer stuff.
I mean, have you seen the lake pictures?

Which is another reason my blog has been a bit quieter in recent weeks. No one has said anything negative, but I don't want to appear braggy or brattish by constantly posting serene lake pictures. Le Husband and I couldn't have lucked out better with family and with our current living situation, this we know and are grateful beyond belief. Staying with family has been a God send in so many, many ways and the fact there is a beautiful lake to unwind next to is a ginormous plus. However, I know many people have had to relocate into much worse and more stressful situations so I am hesitant to make it seem super hunky dory, because it's not always.

There have been stressors I never imagined the past month. There have been tears and howls of frustration. There has been wine. Oh, yes, lots and lots of wine. Yet, I'm not going to post most of the drama because that's not for the world to read and constant complaining is not my jam. So you see I"m struggling to find a balance. I do NOT want to post fluff and 'Everything is so wonderful' when there is a lot more going on under the surface. I'm not one to pretend my life is perfect, since it isn't, that is just not how I roll. However I don't want this place to become a drag or a debbie downer of a blog. That is not me either. So what do I do? Go dark for weeks? Say goodbye to this space? What.DO.I.DO?

Okay, y'all, that is a lot of text. Wow, I didn't realize I had all of those words rolling around in my head. Honestly I feel 100% better now they are all down on paper, or online, ha. Hopefully I'll figure out the blogging mojo soon, because I do miss all of my fabulous friends. Y'all have been so incredibly supportive in my new adventure and I sorely miss visiting your lil spaces everyday. Fingers crossed.

And since there isn't a picture I'll share one from yesterday. This week is all about BODYPUMP as I'm teaching five classes since many instructors are out on vacation. Did I mention it was launch week? Yup, teaching the NEW BODYPUMP98 release the next two weeks. I took this quick snap after my first class of the day and second of the week. I only have two more, woohoo.

Hope everyone has a fabulous rest of their day and week! < 3 y'all dearly!


  1. Girl I know how you feel. We all through seasons of life in which blogging takes a back seat. You and le husband are in one of those and you are learning a new temporary normal. Hang in there.

  2. the way i see it, blogging is there when you need it and it totally takes a backseat when i need it to. do your thang; get shizz in order. blogging will always be there!

  3. girl you do you! But I totally don't mind your sharing your lake photos :)

    liz @ j for joiner

  4. You share those lake pictures!

    I totally understand the blogging taking a backseat. We've been blogging the same number of years & I've had phases where I read, comment, & post daily & I've had phases where I don't do other for months. It is what it is. I would miss your blog dearly if you disappeared for good, but you gotta do what you gotta do for you. Whether that means blogging when you can/want to or shutting it down. Regardless I hope that everything is going well & that jobs are found soon. Congrats on BODYPUMP!

  5. Don't stress about it at all! I've found myself taking a step back as well, especially during the summer months. It's so much more important to live our lives rather than document them. Do you thing girl, and we'll be here when you are too <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Blogging is a crazy and amazing thing! I find myself loving it and being in a flow one week and then the next I just don't have the desire.

  7. thanks for sharing dear..blogging is a very nice experience

  8. I kinda felt the same way yesterday when writing my post after like 3 months of silence. I remember when I would schedule my posts ahead of time and blog AT LEAST 3-4 times a week. WHERE IS THAT PERSON??? I've noticed that on the whole as a blogging community things have slowed down though. Maybe such is life? Plus, you're still in a period of transition with moving! Takes so much time to get adjusted to new things. Sometimes it's the most amazing feeling to type (blurt) it all out and get it off your chest and then other times, it's painful to find the right way to describe your feelings. Hang in there, boo! I absolutely cannot wait to see you soon! XOXO

  9. You're looking at the queen of taking blogging breaks.. not really intentionally, but hey.. life happens and the blog takes a backseat! You gotta do you, Boo!

  10. Life takes us on different roads. Just go with it :)
    & I find most bloggers fade out during summer anyways so if you're missing a time, this is the period to do it in :)
    Hang in there

  11. We miss you but I completely understand life gets in the way and that's more important. I've been low on blog power recently too so I know how it goes but enjoy your days by the lake and time off from work while you have it ;-)

  12. I think it's totally normal to go through blogging phases - especially when life has been crazy/uprooted like it has for you guys! I know I'm going through the same and I also know I love blogging too much to quit for good, so I'm giving myself some grace with it and hope to be back soon. The nice thing about whatever decision you make, is that it doesn't have to be permanent! Love you friend and selfishly crossing my fingers that you don't leave us for good ;)

  13. I've been blogging for 6 years too, so you kind of read my mind in a way. I realized the other day that I keep blogging because I like being able to look back and see a record of my life. Not everyone has this, so it's unique to us bloggers.
    However, I do wonder what more I can do, what more I can say, what more etc.
    It's a tricky place to be in.

  14. Sometimes you just need to take a break. There's no shame in your game!! ;). You are looking great, girlie!!

  15. lol @ I think you can in Europe!!!

    anyway. honestly, i think blogging goes in phases just like life. there's nothing wrong with taking a break, and there is also nothing wrong with sharing pretty lake pictures. there is A LOT i don't put online, i'm not trying to be fake, but like you said, it's not for the world to see and i don't want to complain all the time. some things are private. i step away when i need to collect myself, and come back when i want to. you are in a different position in life than you've been before, not to mention most people don't uproot their lives, go on a big vacation and then move states (funny story, i actually know 3 couples who've done that in the last 6 months hahha) so i can only imagine you have tons of other important things to worry about.

    just enjoy your life and blog what you want to, when you want to!

  16. If it weren't for IG and Snapchat my blog friends probably wouldn't even know I'm still alive. I've gravitated more to those recently because it's so much easier to share those little tidbits (and sometimes too-long-for-IG-but-not-quite-a-blog-post captions) than it is to put together a blog post. And I really, really hate that but that's life for me right now. I'm in a similar boat - I work on a computer all day (and I've realized I'm just not one of those people who's ever going to have time and/or feel comfortable blogging at work) and between the million things I have to do when I get home and not really wanting to look at the computer any more that day, I just don't get posts together. And I read blogs every day, but usually it's on my phone on my way to/from work so I don't end up commenting because commenting from a phone is a pain in the ass.
    And yeah, I relate both to the not wanting to be braggy - I actually was going to post a "Currently" update but then I realized it was just pictures of DC stuff and me talking about cool things I have done here and I really wasn't trying to come off as a brat but I thought it might sound that way so I just didn't say anything - AND also wanting to keep some things private without being fake happy or being a Debbie Downer. It's hard to find that balance! And at the end of the day I'm just like well, no one cares anyway, so I just post a pic on instagram and keep reading blogs on my phone and having this weird blog cloud hanging over me. I don't know what do do either, but thanks for sharing this!
    Also every time you post fitness pictures I'm equal parts like, oh I want to take your class! and omg, your class would probably kill me haha!


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