December 10, 2018

TBB: Holiday Edition

1. Candy canes? YES, but only peppermint ones.
2. Christmas morning early riser or sleep in? Normally sleeping in, but with our niece probably early this year.
3. Did you shop on Black Friday? Nope, I worked it. Be nice to associates in stores, it's a long day.
4. Christmas tree up in November? Normally I try for the weekend after Thanksgiving, this year it was 12/1.
5. Do you get holiday ideas from Pinterest? I used to, but now I honestly don't care what other people do.
6. Christmas glam or ugly sweater? Glam all the way. I LOVE fancy holiday clothes.
7. Stocking stuffers wrapped or unwrapped? Unwrapped is how I grew up and a tradition I will follow.
8. Traditional or modern Christmas songs? I love all Christmas music, but CAROLS are my jam.
9. Fruitcake? NO THANK YOU!
10. Is your Christmas shopping finished? Halfway, maybe?
11. Is there snow in December where you live? Yup, had snow yesterday and some this morning.
12. Classic show, a Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph? Man, I love both, but have to go with Charlie Brown.
13. Favorite Christmas dessert? I added this one, ha. I LOVE CHRISTMAS COOOOOOOOOKIES


  1. Yep, unwrapped in the stocking is how I grew up too. Fun answers, is there anyone who likes fruitcake? lol

  2. I keep thinking I'm done with my shopping then remember just one more thing I have to get LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. You mean the weekend after Thanksgiving right? I also love to dress up for christmas and any holiday really ha

  4. I've actually never had a true fruit cake. It just seems to solid haha!

  5. Charlie Brown for the win! And yuck to fruitcake, cheers to that girlie <3
    Green Fashionista


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