May 13, 2010

What are friends for?

I've recently had alot of blog ideas rolling around in my head, but haven't had the time...okay okay the patience... to actually put them into words. So there will hopefully be a bunch of posts in the near future.

How amazing are friends? I know I wouldn't be able to survive without my friends. Life is too hard to go about alone and let's face it, alot less fun too. What do friends do? EVERYTHING!!!

Friends are there to tell you when you look fabulous.
Friends are there to tell you "oh girl no!"
Friends are there to sit around and chat with about nothing at the table
Friends are there when something amazing happens
Friends are there to take you to the ER after a soccer game
Friends are there to listen to you complain 1948034 over a relationship
Friends are there to tell you he is the wrong guy for you
Friends are there and let you make your own mistakes
Friends are there to pick up the pieces after those mistakes

Friends ARE LOVE
Friends are the family God 'forgot' to give you!

Happy Friday FRIENDS!!!


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